WrapsLIVE… back up and running for SEMA 2022.

Finally!  Once again back in Las Vegas USA and enjoying a truly active SEMA Show for 2022.  The last couple of years have beat a lot of us wrap folk up with shutdowns, material shortages, labor shortages and travel restrictions but our honored gentlemen from WrapGlove insisted it was time to get the excitement of WrapsLIVE back up and running once again.  Troy Downey and his son Tom Downey are the original creators of the WrapGlove as well as being diehard supporters, facilitators and leaders of the WrapsLIVE competition since its inception in 2018.  The dream… create a fun and engaging event to test wrappers from around the world regardless of their skill level.  WrapsLIVE has been designed to both introduce new wrappers to the arena of competitive wrapping while avoiding the intimidating multi-day event atmosphere that can scare off newcomers.  We are very, very proud to see so many new folks enjoy their WrapsLIVE run so much that they gain the confidence to keep moving onward and upward into bigger & bigger challenges.

Imagine skills challenges that shift every day… a new group of competing wrappers that changes every day.. a respected wrap judge that changed every day… all to narrow down the cash prize winners that are also awarded each and every day. 

“That was FUN!” was, by far, the most common quote we got from competitors over the multiple days of WrapLIVE.

The 2022 event at SEMA was once again generously sponsored by the ORAFOL team headed up by Joshua Culverhouse.  All of this year’s wrappers received free ORAFOL products, tools and got the chance to work directly with the ORAFOL newest wrapping products (ORAJET 3951RA+ProSlide with ORAGUARD 290M laminate) 

The heavy support from John Schurman (creator of LUXE Auto Concepts and LUXE LightWrap™) led to the invention of our newest skill challenge.  John and his team worked directly with our crew to custom fabricated the new  taillight challenge used to explore LUXE techniques and coverage styles with the competitors.

As always, the Sphere of Death was a hit as each wrapper vied for the largest diameter of perfect wrap to stack up as many bonus points as possible.  This compound curve skill station always gets those competitive drives revved up as each vinyl slinger is forced to balance their remaining clock time against the possibility of racking up extra bonus points.

Drama.  Intensity.  Competitive Spirit.  WrapsLIVE!