WrapStock PR – A free, online, wrap visualizer takes off!

Design first! Wrapstock® is starting up a revolutionary project for the automotive wrap industry.

Owners of passenger vehicles, companies or enthusiasts who like to check out beautiful cars – pay attention! The new platform Wrapstock® is born. With Wrapstock® designers from around the world can engage in providing hundreds of original wrap designs. We make it possible for the creation of simple stripe looks to more complex and textural wrap designs in a centralized, web-based place where you can select a design for your car.
Project creator, Martin Tureček (co-founder of the worldwide network of WrapStyle franchises) explains… “We have built this virtual warehouse of design wraps around real-life and long-term experiences of our wrapping companies. The goal is to make the design process a simple, fast and affordable variant for anyone wanting to quickly change the appearance of his or her vehicle. We have made the design system and designs as variable and applicable as possible for nearly every vehicle model”
You can select a new design without limits after registering for free. And what if one of them really excites you and you simply have to have it? “Just download it and have it printed on wrapping foil/film and wrap a vehicle. As the general partner of the project, we, therefore, selected the best of the best, Avery Dennison,” Martin revealed.
For more demanding clients who have not found the right design from the catalog, we offer the option of creating a completely custom-made design. “We also invite designers around the world to the platform who can offer their designs here. The aim is for Wrapstock® to thrive and so that there would be something new here every time. Our ambition is to create a worldwide community of trend setters,” explained Martin.
And another innovation confirming their work in this is being prepared for the near future – a virtual showroom. As the name implies, thanks to the possibilities of virtual reality, you can confirm with your own eyes if a particular wrap will really fit your car. Everything new begins with a design, so our motto is Design first. And we live up to it,” said Martin in conclusion.

New Home for HEXIS Americas opens its doors

HEXIS Americas is a new Master Exclusive Representative of HEXIS S.A. – a leading manufacturer of self-adhesive films in the print, signage, automotive/interior restyling and protection, and window film industries. A new 10,000 square foot facility, just 20 minutes north of Atlanta, GA, acts as the main distribution center, sales and administration office, and training center for HEXIS in all of the western hemisphere.

“The objective and vision is to give people what they want and to better supply them with the products that they have come to know and love over the past 30 years. Helping industry professionals plan and execute their upcoming projects is what it’s all about. With a new team alongside me, our distribution partners, and the innovation we put into our products… we plan to take HEXIS to another level in helping our industry and those within it.” – says Vorada Chanthavong, Vice President of HEXIS Americas.

To help kick-off the new operations and new home, HEXIS Americas recently hosted a Grand Opening Event and Inauguration in late-March 2019. Over 200 people were in attendance, traveling from different parts of North America. Live demonstrations, product samples, and raffles were conducted, along with music and entertainment – which definitely represents HEXIS’ young and vibrant culture. See photos attached.

For more information, feel free to visit www.hexis-graphics.com or contact info@hexisamericas.com

Grit, Grime, mutant skulls and sheer, no-holds-barred design, equals Alltak’s CAMBEA 2019!

You would absolutely be forgiven for wondering. What does dusty desert, leather, rusty metal and a head turning Mad Max theme have to do with wrapping? Well, as it turns out, quite a lot.

When Marcelo Souss and the Brazilian based Alltak Adhesivos team started planning the 2019 CAMBEA in São Paulo the idea was simply to go bigger and better than the 2018 success. Long time Alltak designer Allessandro de Campos was tasked with creating the vision which developed into a world-class wrapping showcase environment.

The winning formula? Start with a massive booth backdrop depicting a post-apocalyptic landscape, fabricate fully custom floors simulating a desert surface complete with sand scoured skulls and make every car in the competition match up with a rusty, spiky, patched-together scrounger of a vehicle. Mission accomplished and we have the photos to prove it!

The annual, 4 day wrap competition at FESPA Brasil, drew competitors from all over the county as well as wrapping hopefuls from neighboring Argentina and Chile. The judging team came in from all over the world to assist the Head Judge Eduardo Chardosim Stabel (Brasil). Judges included Multi-Year judge and wrap professional Mireille Van der Jagt (Pro Wraps – Netherlands), Dimas Brazil (DBS by Dimas Brasil – Brasil), Tim Evans (WrapperMapper – USA) with the entire event MC’ed by Marcos Schott (Banana Buffers – Brasil).

The event was rounded out by Live Wrapping demonstrations with daily custom designs by Joffrey Van der Jagt (Pro Wraps – Netherlands) and Alltak’s very own Thiago Sossai. The creativity and skill on display here every day was a sure crowd-pleaser.

All of these elements came together for a truly excellent show. Fun with costumes and a palpable sense of camaraderie among the competitors, while triumphs and failures were witnessed every single day.

Ultimately, after days of competitions and heart breaking eliminations, the Alltak CAMBEA 2019 crowned the team of WS Adhesivos as the final winning wrappers with the team from Genesis Envelopamento coming in just a tiny fraction of tiny 5 points behind them. Incredibly, incredibly close finish after so many days!

If you ever get a chance to experience an Alltak Adhesivos CAMBEA event it is highly, highly recommended!



Mentor, Ohio, December 20, 2018 – Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions has chosen the 10 most impressive vinyl wraps using Avery Dennison products in 2018. This is the fifth annual list of vehicle and non-vehicle wraps, and it features some of the most unique and creative projects yet. Five car wraps and five non-vehicle wraps were installed with Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping™ Film, Conform Chrome™, and digitally printed films MPI 1105™, MPI 1405™ and MPI 2728™.

“The possibilities with vinyl films are almost endless, and every year we get to see new and exciting projects that take Avery Dennison films to the next level,” said Jeff Losch, North America marketing director at Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions. “Digitally printed or color shifting, on a car or on a guitar, 2018 had another incredible lineup of unique, well-executed wraps.”

The Top 5 vehicle wraps of 2018 include:

A printed Conform Chrome™ wrap was featured on a truck build by Legendary Customs in the AMSOIL booth at SEMA. IVS Wraps, with design help from Dan Nava of the International Brotherhood of Wrappers, created a warplane look.

Rust and camouflage are popular effects created with printed MPI 1105™, but Spectrum Auto brought out a new look. This sedan sports a realistic marble look, thanks to a quality installation and the clarity of the film.

Wrap Like A King Regional Winner Canadian Wrap Masters created three layers of embossing using Conform Chrome™ Red with DOL 1370Z satin laminate. This drawn-by-hand design wowed judges and created a one-of-a-kind look.

Bullitt Auto Detail and Vinyl Wraps found its way into the Avery Dennison top wraps again by wowing a Formula Drift racing team with this printed MPI 1105™ wrap on a 53-foot trailer.

Rounding out the top vehicle wraps is the global winner for the 2018 Wrap Like A King Challenge, the Mission Flyer 2.0 by MetroWrapz. Another warplane-inspired project, made possible by Supreme Wrapping™ Film, MPI 1105™ and Conform Chrome™ films, brought the wrap king crown back to the United States for the first time since 2015.


The Top 5 non-vehicle wraps of 2018 include:

Workhorse Signs pulled off a challenging wrap by using printed MPI 1405™ film and crafty installation techniques. The shop had to overcome sand and heat while installing a graphic on a brick beach wall. With an ability to conform to textured surfaces, MPI 1405™ film adhered to the wall and made for a successful application.

A toy for kids and adults alike, the hoverboard was a popular item to wrap, and Vehicle Wraps Inc. gave this one a shade shifting look using ColorFlow™ Roaring Thunder vinyl.

CKL Wraps helped to drum up excitement for a Lego exhibit at a local museum. The wrap incorporated calendered MPI 2728™ that would provide adhesion without leaving residue on the windows at the end of the promotion.

Supreme Wrapping™ Film Diamond Blue paired with blue waters to make for a stunning look on this 56-foot race yacht. Wrapture Customs took on this challenging project and made a boat wrap to be remembered.

Custom designs on guitars are a trademark of rock enthusiasts, and Phillips Signs carried on that tradition. MPI 1105™ supercast film gave this six-string some character with a weathered wood design.

To see more more examples of wraps done in Avery Dennison films, follow Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions on Facebook at www.facebook.com/AveryDennisonGraphics and on Instagram at @ADGraphics_NA. To be considered for the 2019 top wraps list, installers can submit their projects to http://avydn.co/GraphicsSubmission.

Women of Wrap take over the Avery Dennison booth at SEMA 2018

If you attended SEMA in Las Vegas this year you were treated to a first-time ever, one-of-a-kind, wrap industry event.  Imagine a huge crowd of people gathered around a couple of amazing cars and discovering what most of us already in the industry know… we have some incredibly talented wrapping ladies!

This all began as an idea from Jen Carney (Carbon Wraps).  In her words… “I have wanted to put together an all female wrap team for years, as I’m sure others have as well. I figured there was no harm in asking, so I pitched the idea to Sarah and Patti at Avery Dennison who were immediately on board and excited. Justin Pate was gracious enough to lend us some time and booth space while Jofferey Van Der Jagt supplied a killer design.  The goal was to show the presence that women have in the industry though we don’t always claim the spotlight.  I wanted to highlight, hopefully encourage and help women gain confidence in their skills as they become more involved with wraps. I hope that we empowered women and men to build more teams together.”

With the original team of Kathy Alexander (Incognito Wraps), Kinsey Sharp (Sharp Wraps OKC) and Cindy Richards (Avery Dennison) the group was further bolstered by the events’s MC Starla Miller (Miller Decals) to add some spice and commentary.

Abby Monnot (Avery Dennison) said, “I am so proud of what these group of women are continuing to accomplish.  I’m even more proud they came to Avery Dennison with the idea and knew we would support them.  Being a woman in this industry, I got chills watching them install, because something like this was first of its kind.  I know a lot of them stepped out of their comfort zones to be featured in our booth and I am in awe of their courage.  I’m happy we were able to provide them the platform for their success.  This is what my job is all about.”

Cindy Richards added her thoughts by saying “I am just excited to have this kind of exposure for women in the industry. There are some amazing talents here and we were excited to give a platform. I hope this increases the number of women to stand up, be proud of what they do and empower them to showcase it.”

As an added twist, Chrissy Ross Walthour (IBOW), pitched in with another suggestion from the crowd… how about bringing in some of the wrapping pro ladies who are watching to add to the team?  With a little encouragement the booth was soon home to even more wrapping talent as the Women of Wrap swelled to include Brittany Banks (All City Wraps), Krystal Miszewski (Candy Wraps), Paige Walton (S6 Wraps) and Tasha Marohn (TM Motorsports Imaging).

Final result?  A super cool wrapped car with an even cooler showcase of the skill and talent the ladies in our industry possess.

Russian Wrap Masters 2018 – Moscow brings the wrap world together

Red Square, The Kremlin, Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Lenin’s Tomb… all iconic images of Moscow Russia but none can compare to the smiling faces saying “Dobroye utro” (Good morning) every day as we walked into the Moscow Expocentre for the 2018 Russian Wrap Masters.

September saw the arrival of the 2018 Russian Wrap Masters Cup.  4 Days of wrapping competitions, demonstrations, training and international fun organized by the RWM team based out of Saint Petersburg.

Andrey Lobov (main organizer) tells us “Russian Wrap Masters is a dream come true for me. When I started Russian Wrap Masters I had no idea how difficult it would be.  The results have been so good that all previous problems went away when I saw the fire in the eyes of the wrappers. Russian Wrap Masters is also a special educational area where wrappers can see new tricks and styles from all over the world and we invite the best judges from all over the world.  We all really enjoy this special time, when wrappers from all over the country can join together. It is a time when friendship and support are main things. It is a time when you get energy for the next year. It is Russian Wrap Masters time.”

When asked about the future of the Russian wrap market, Klaudiya Kustova said “The Russian market has developed very well over the last 10 years from the beginning stage. The number of good masters, those who have opened their own wrap schools, and those who can teach beginner installers has grown. I think there will be a rise in the number of wrappers in the future and their skill level will also grow. I think more and more masters will take part in international competitions. We are already seeing this trend.”

The competition itself fielded a group of 22 professional wrap installers from all Russia and surrounding countries.  The competitor’s skills were challenged with wrapping Suzuki vehicles, using ORAFOL film, in multiple rounds and getting creative with wrapped sleds and cycling helmets.  All of the rounds were evaluated by a wide ranging team of judges specially invited by the Russian Wrap Masters Team… Aleksander Buchko (Russia), Igor Sulakov (Russia), Tadashi Kariya (Japan), Ivan Tenchev (Bulgaria), Jim Miller (USA) and Tim Evans (USA)

Pavel Dudnikov summed up the event best when he said “… the Russian wrap market has became more informed and filled with knowledge. It is about all aspects, knowledge about materials, tools, techniques of wrapping etc, with the market continuing to go in this direction. There are more and more wrappers with very high skill, who can compete with the best world wrappers and some who have already won some worldwide competition.”

At the end of the day, when all squeegees are down, the Russian Wrap Masters champion of 2018 went to Andreas Siemens.  Congratulations Andreas and enjoy a job well done!


A wrapped twelve story building… 3M headquarters made it happen.

Jeff Roosa, owner of DPI Graphics, was able to live a dream when he was selected to lead up an amazing coordinated wrap installation for 3M Headquarters in Saint Paul, Minnesota USA in August this year.  Together with his handpicked crew of, Matt Sorg, Carl Brewer, Sergio Yakobchak and Ben Anderson, the installation team worked 24 hours a day for three days straight in 8 hour shifts to complete the project.  To make matters even more interesting, the shape of the building required a custom powered scaffolding while the sheer massive size of the work required a highly detailed grid pattern to keep the hundreds of individually produced panels organized and efficient.

This monumental effort was scheduled to coincide with the 2018 3M Discovering Transformations Media Day.

Attendees of the event were invited to the 3M headquarters in St. Paul, Minnesota for a chance to hear about industry trends, upcoming products as well as new and innovative technologies. The day consisted of a keynote presentation from Peter Elliot on “Impactful Transformations”, and a panel discussion with 3M experts. Guests had the opportunity to tour 3M’s Innovation Center and the Carlton Science Center, as well as participate in hands-on demonstrations with 3M products including Wrap Film Series 1080, Safety and Security Film, 3M Graphics Hub and Envision Print Wrap Film 480mC. Additionally, attendees got a front-row view of the new 12-story building wrap itself.  “Curiosity is just the beginning” was the wrap message as it coincides with the 3M mission to encourage everyone to begin to look at every surface as a canvas.


SEMA 2018 – After-Hours Party List


Where, oh where, will the parties at SEMA be?  If you have attended the Las Vegas wrap party extravaganza that is SEMA then you know this week is the industry’s wildest of the year.  To make it easy, here is a quick list of what is going on each night after the show.  There will be many private appreciation events happening but here is a nice selection of industry open fun!


Tuesday, October 30th – Avery Dennison – Beer Park at the Paris Hotel – 6:30pm-8:30pm

  • Invitations are required so be sure to stop by Avery’s booth #12659 and try to snag your invite fast


Tuesday, October 30th – Wrappy Halloween – 8pm to Midnight – (IBOW, WrapperMapper, ColorReal, Car Wrapper, MagStrapz)


Thursday, November 1st – WWWrap Party – Paint is Dead and presented by Fellers



3M™ Expands Wrap Film Series 1080 Product Lineup with Four New Dynamic Colors


3M™ Expands Wrap Film Series 1080 Product Lineup with Four New Dynamic Colors

The expanded color portfolio offers customers more options to achieve desired aesthetics


  1. PAUL, Minn. – (October 11, 2018) – For car enthusiasts, the ability to customize their vehicles with unique colors or patterns provides the perfect opportunity to be unique and stand out in a crowd. Whether it’s installing a complete car wrap in Gloss Hot Rod Red or strategically placing racing strips in Matrix Black, there are unending aesthetic and design possibilities for every personality. While the tried and true classic shades never seem to go out of style, developing new colors to stay ahead of – and determine –trends allow 3M to answer industry demands.


Expanding the color palette of the Wrap Film Series 1080 family, 3M is proud to introduce four new shades to the 1080 lineup:

  • Gloss Flip Ghost Pearl
  • Gloss Silver Chrome
  • Satin Flip Psychedelic
  • Shadow Military Green

Wrap Film Series 1080 boasts an impressive portfolio with 100 color options. In addition to visual capabilities that make an immediate impact, the films are durable and maintain color consistency and brightness. Additionally, 3M vinyl wraps boast features that make installation quick and efficient, ensuring outstanding results every time.


“Through the addition of four new colors, we are able to diversify our Wrap Film Series 1080 film offerings,” said Janelle Pizzi, 3M product marketer. “It’s not just the colors that make our films best in class, but also the product quality. That’s why 3M vinyl films deliver both eye-catching aesthetics and outstanding performance.”


The Wrap Film Series 1080 product line brings together rich colors with complementary finishes that transform a car’s appearance. Most importantly, efficient installations with impressive results make it easy for car owners to refresh their vehicle quickly and get them back out on the road, looking better than ever.


For more information on 3M Wrap Film Series 1080, visit 3M.com/1080films and view all available colorshere.


Wraps VIP 2018… party by the sea

Can you really ask for a better combination than a wrap industry party, for wrappers, put on by wrappers, supported by wrappers… looking over the ocean?  For the third year the Wraps VIP party went off without a hitch thanks to the mighty efforts of Dan Nava, Chrissy Ross Walthour, the IBOW team, a healthy dose of willing volunteers and, of course, the top notch sponsors who made it all possible.

IBOW and DUB IR played host to the event that was the highlight of the week with a huge thank you to the “Big Kahuna” sponsors Orafol, Avery Dennison and 3M who generously supported the festivities while simultaneously going above and beyond with prizes and spirit!

The Wraps VIP event began as the brainchild of Dan Nava as a natural supplement for the 2016 WRAPSCON in Indianapolis, IN USA.  An industry veteran and wrap industry advocate, Dan, reached out to Tim Evans of WrapperMapper and pitched the idea of a fun, after-hours, wrap party specifically designed to let everyone just let loose.  Combined with the WrapperMapper “all are welcome” ethos we had a winner right out of the gate.

Each year the Wraps VIP event has changed to a new cool location.  From a cowboy bar in Indy, to a yacht cruising the Long Beach Harbor to this year’s ocean-side venue… really a spectacular time.

This year also saw the introduction of the 5 minute model-car speed wrap contest.  A super exciting and fun event where each of our volunteer competitors had 5 minutes, to create a cool design on a die-cast car.  Try doing that in front of a screaming crowd!  The final result was a lot of laughs, a lot of interesting designs and the top three awards going to Jim Miller (Miller Decals), Steve Carney (Carbon Wraps) and Kalee Conner (Who Did That !?!).

As an added treat we had Jeff Gregorio, host of the All Wrapped Up podcast, doing interviews with all sorts of our distinguished guests.

All-in-all, the Wraps VIP 2018 party was yet again another knock-out success!!!