The HEXIS, THE200EVO with TAKE HEAT EASY® technology, designed to make installation easier and faster

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The TAKE HEAT EASY® technology is the result of a combination of a solvent based adhesive and a micro-structured liner developed by HEXIS R&D team. This innovation has been specially designed to reduce the initial tack and immediate adhesion, thus making the installation of the vinyl more convenient with an optimal adhesive bonding process.

In 2018, HEXIS combined this technology for the first time with a THE190EVO cast PVC film, and, in view of its success, it made sense to now use it on a high-end polymeric PVC film.



Ease of repositioning, print quality and optimal durability are all assets that will allow customers to express their creativity with unlimited possibilities and installers to use it conveniently on flat or slightly curved surfaces, for 2D wrapping projects (buses, lorries, fleet vehicles etc.) and large-format signage.

Thibault VEUILLET, Business Development Manager Automotive, comments: “With its excellent sliding properties on the substrate, THE200EVO is an ideal solution, especially when an installer needs to quickly and accurately position two printed widths. It is amazingly easy to find the perfect alignment for a design.”


Always at the forefront of innovation, HEXIS has developed and is now launching the V850B laminate with a thickness of 2 MIL. “Combined with the printable THE200EVO film, our customers will be able to obtain and appreciate a particularly flexible complex”, confirms Vorada CHANTHAVONG, Vice President HEXIS Americas.



Caroline MATEU, Chairman of the Board of Directors at HEXIS is proud to report: “Our research laboratory and our industrial team have combined their respective strengths and skills to complete the design and manufacturing process of these two new products in the most successful way.
[…] In the year 2020, despite the current health issues, HEXIS continues its race for technological innovation with the launch of the new self-healing X technology for our vehicle body protection films (BODYFENCEX) and the antimicrobial PURE ZONE® technology for surface protection.”


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3M "Tag Us and Win" Sweepstakes

3M “Tag Us and Win” Sweepstakes

Show Off Your Vehicle Wrap, Win Big With 3M “Tag Us and Win” Sweepstakes

Oct. 12 – Nov. 1., new theme announced each week. 

Beginning Monday, October 12, and running through November 1, 3M is calling for graphic professionals to show off their favorite vehicle wrap for a chance to win a *roll of 3M print film and overlaminate.

At the beginning of each week, 3M will post a “theme” to its Facebook and Instagram to indicate the type of vehicle project needed to enter the sweepstakes.

This week’s theme is muscle cars; enter before the beginning of next week (10/19) to be eligible.

A new theme will be announced each week, so everyone is encouraged to check back on Oct. 19 and 26 for last week’s winner and the next theme.

When: October 12 – November 1 (promotion period)
How to enter:

  1. At the beginning of each week within the promotion period, visit 3M Films Facebook or Instagram page to see what the vehicle theme for that week is. The theme for the week of October 12 is muscle cars.
  2. Upload a picture of your favorite vehicle wrap that fits within that week’s theme to your Facebook or Instagram.
  3. Include the hashtag #Wrapwith3M 
  4. Tag @3Mfilms and your distributor

How to win: 3M will draw one winner at random each week.


Don’t forget to check 3M Films Facebook or Instagram for theme details at the beginning of each week.

 *Valid in U.S. only. Click here to view rules and additional information.

Avery DennisonⓇ Launches Revolutionary neo™ and Supreme Defense™ Paint Protection Films

MENTOR, Ohio – August 27, 2020 – Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions (NYSE:AVY) today announced the introduction of two new paint protection film (PPF) lines — neo™ and Supreme Defense™ — that protect the vehicle surface from stone chips, road debris, insect stains and weathering while also enabling designers to create dramatic customized looks.

Avery Dennisonneo™ is a wet apply, solid color PPF line of films with a unique polyurethane and adhesive technology that gives vehicles an exceptionally smooth OEM-paint-like finish while protecting the surface from harmful daily elements. The design possibilities are endless with this uniquely 3D conformable film. Installers can create special effects and accents or transform the roof and the hood for a two-tone look.

The first color in the product line, neo noir, is a distinctive black film with noticeable color depth and a rich black pigment. Installers and owners alike will delight in neo noir’s ultra-high gloss finish and excellent adhesion.

“We created the neo line with vehicle owners, PPF dealers and of course vehicle wrap installers all in mind. We look forward to a new wave of wrap and design artistry and an expanded market for paint protection films, starting with neo noir,” said Abby Monnot, marketing director, Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions North America.

The new Avery DennisonⓇ  Supreme Defense™ matte film combines the same exceptional paint protection with a totally different visual effect. This high quality polyurethane film is specially designed to preserve and protect a flat factory finish, but designers can also use it to transform high-gloss OEM paint to achieve a dramatic new look.

Both neo noir and Supreme Defense matte have a self-healing top coat that absorbs impact from scratches and debris, and both provide long-term durability of up to 5 years.

“We’ve heard for a while about the need for an accent film with an OEM paint-like finish, particularly when it comes to black,” Monnot continued. “We also know that many shops are adding paint protection film or wrapping film to their business models. These new lines merge an opaque finish with paint protection film to create solutions in form, function and artistry that the industry has been looking for.”

To complement the neo and Supreme Defense paint protection films, Avery Dennison continues to offer the Vehicle Design Template (VDT) Cutting Software, a proprietary software with thousands of pre-cut templates to maximize performance for an exact fit you can trust. VDT Software is available at a low monthly subscription price.  Browse the template library for free at

Find more information about the new Paint Protection Films at, and join the conversation on Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions’ social channels, including Facebook and Instagram, and by following the hashtag ADneo.

The sleek, matte finish and self-healing topcoat of Avery Dennison Supreme Defense™ delivers form, function, and artistry to paint protection film applications.

Avery Dennison Supreme Defense™ matte Paint Protection Film protects and transforms an OEM paint high-gloss finish into a dramatic new visual effect.

HEXIS Pink Glitter Gloss

Check out the new HEXIS Skintac Series films


HEXIS SKINTAC SERIES – HX20000 & HX30000:  Cast color-change multilayered PVC vinyl with HEX’Press air-release vinyl.  Over 150 colors!



Photo & wrap by Yiannimize, using HEXIS HX30SCH09B Turquoise Chrome Gloss

Photo & wrap by Yiannimize, using HEXIS HX30SCH09B Turquoise Chrome Gloss


The SKINTAC HX30000 range is designed to customize vehicles or objects. It consists of a multilayered cast vinyl film and a release liner with structured HEX’Press adhesive for easier application.  Gloss, matte, super matt, textures, and chromes!



Photo & Wrap by Unknown, using HX20RINB Indian Pink Glitter Gloss

Photo & Wrap by Unknown, using HX20RINB Indian Pink Glitter Gloss


The HX20000 consists of a multilayered cast PVC film and a release liner with structured HEX’Press adhesive. The product is specially designed for full wraps. Thanks to its thickness it preserves its colour even under strong deformation. It is convenient and effortless to apply and remove. The HX20000 makes application easy thanks to its structured adhesive that facilitates air-egress.  Gloss, matte, satin, glitters, and metallics!



HEXIS Website:

HEXIS Distributor Locator:


3M Enters Three-Year Collaboration Agreement with Wrapmate


St. Paul, Minn (May 14, 2020) – Wrapmate, an end-to-end digital platform for graphics projects, has entered a three-year global collaboration agreement with 3M Commercial Solutions to help businesses improve their marketability within the print, signage and vehicle graphics industry. This collaborative agreement is an expansion of the initial six-month collaboration first announced in September of 2019. It will provide customers with a one-stop shop network of professionals and resources on a global scale.

“This collaborative agreement creates an approachable way for businesses to consider adding graphics to their marketing toolbox,” said Adrian Cook, marketing manager, 3M Commercial Solutions Division. “It also benefits Wrapmate Pros and 3M Certified and Preferred Graphics Installers by potentially increasing their customer base.”


Wrapmate’s innovative technology includes an augmented reality (AR) app that allows business owners to visualize their vehicle graphic mockup on a 3D digital image placed virtually in their driveway or office parking lot. Additionally, Wrapmate has developed an online price calculator specifically for vehicle graphics with real-time pricing coming in the near future.


“Getting the client to see what a wrap would look like is one of the hardest things in this industry: to pitch the wrap without seeing the wrap,” said Kyle Perfetto, sales manager at PUREBLIND Wraps and Graphics, a Colorado-based graphic shop that has grown its business using Wrapmate.


“Our platform streamlines customer pain points by aggregating the graphics process – from design to estimate to installation – onto one platform,” said Chris Loar, Wrapmate Founder and CEO. “By collaborating with 3M, we’re now able to execute graphics projects at the highest level, ultimately increasing the marketability of everyone involved, from the business owner to the installer to the graphic manufacturer.”


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3 FREE “Wrapping in Place” videos from Justin Pate and The Wrap Institute

As the global economy continues to suffer under our current pandemic conditions the wrap industry is seeing some tough times.  What is amazing, and honestly wonderful to behold, are the various organizations and individuals who are stepping up.  First and foremost on their mind is “How can I help out?”, “What information do I have that may help another struggling wrapper?”, “What tools or film do I have that could help my competitor across town?” or simply taking some time to call, text or email in order to offer some encouraging words.

Just to name a few, we have seen John Duever with “Vinyl Images” regularly take the time to make inspiring videos and spend valuable time chatting with folks online in order to help.  Our very own multi-published author Dan Antonelli with “KickCharge Creative” has been kicking in with design tips, useful marketing strategies and COVID-19 resources.  World respected wrap trainer Justin Pate has been creating his very own “Wrapping in Place” series for free as he spends his time figuring out ways to continue his own personal mission of “Never Stop Learning”

So, if you are looking for a little inspiration or a little tip to keep those wrapping juices flowing here you go.  Courtesy of TWI you can enjoy a little fun practice for your downtime.

TWI – Wrapping in Place: Part 1 (Coffee Cup)

TWI – Wrapping in Place: Part 2 (Laptop)

TWI – Wrapping in Place: Part 3 (Coffee Maker)

Should you choose to take advantage of the amazing training resources at TWI please feel free to use our coupon code “WRAPPER20MAPPER” for a nice discount.

Wrap Industry Support & Information… PROFILE: Wraps Magazine, SDG and WRAPSCON

Times change and business fortunes are rising and falling.  Here at Wrapper Mapper we thought it would be a great idea to start doing some profiles on the wonderful resources that are out there for the wrap industry.  To this end we are actively reaching out in order to gather and promote some of the magazines, organizations, shows and events that have been supporting our shops throughout the years.  Our dream is that these Profiles will put you in touch with more information that will prove useful during these trying times.

For the premiere story we spoke with James “Ruggs” Kochevar who was kind enough to share some history, some fun events and some new exciting changes.

“Sign Business started in 1985, where we differentiated ourselves from other magazines in the market by focusing on vinyl and computer driven graphics. As the industry advanced, we developed Digital Graphics, which was a deep-dive on the printed aspect of sign making. As the years passed, we saw the emergence of the wraps market and with consultation of some industry heavy hitters, we took a leap and developed WRAPS magazine in 2008. It started as a bi-monthly magazine centered on educating people about wraps, what they were and how you might incorporate them into your business. Then the recession hit in 2009. It was then that we compiled our magazines into Sign & Digital Graphics, with wraps being a topic we covered monthly in each issue.

In 2013, when the economy was had strengthened and more businesses where back to 100% earning potential, it was time to break WRAPS magazine back out on its own, this time as a hearty annual. In the years since, we have become the authority in wraps education, covering topics such as certification, install techniques, running a wraps business, printing and finishing for auto, floor, interior and exterior building wraps and more. The insatiable following for WRAPS magazine prodded us to create WRAPSCON (@ THE NBM SHOW.) This started out and has remained the premier event “For wrappers, by wrappers.” Industry titans like Justin Pate, Jim Miller, Troy Downey and Frank Fellers have supported the event over the past six years with exhibits, live demos and other educational opportunities at the event. Our WRAPSconnect panel discussion; Wrap Olympics, the industry’s largest, team-wrapping competition; and Meet the Masters Happy Hour have made this the can’t-miss gathering of the year.

With 2020 comes new challenges and new opportunities to serve this great industry. A lot of our sign/wrap community is struggling right now and we are looking at ways to help, not only now, but for the long term. Part of our responsibility to the market is getting our readers the most useful information we can regarding business acumen, cross-over opportunities, and being as profitable as possible with sound product and process practices. Enter the GRAPHICS PRO era. This new magazine will help do exactly that. If you liked SDG, you’ll love GP! And WRAPS will still be coming to you mid-June, so keep your eyes peeled.”

COVID-19 Coronavirus

Tips to keep your shop running running during COVID-19

The wrap and graphics industry, like so many others, is being directly affected by the current global pandemic.  We have already begun to hear stories of accounts drying up, entire projects being canceled with zero notice and shops completely shutting down.  Here at Wrapper Mapper we hope that you are actively taking steps to survive the gathering storm regardless of where you are on the planet.

With planning in mind we reached out to some respected wrap industry professionals with a request to provide some information that may help you get through our current crisis.  Charlie & Jillian Trujillo with LE Wraps (Lettering Express) located in Oklahoma City, OK USA along with Jim & Starla Miller with Miller Decals located in Atlanta, GA USA were kind enough to share some tips, tricks and words of wisdom…

“First things first – protect your family, business and team. Without family none of this is worthwhile.

We here at LE have a team of 26 folks and our priority this moment in time is keeping those people safe and employed. My worry is that the country will go on a major lock down and we’ll have to close our doors for an extended period of time. Now is the time to grind and to stay on top of the daily calls, emails, quotes, etc.

Just like everyone else in the world we are taking these extra steps to ensure our clients and staff are safe. Our design team is working from home and the folks working in house are constantly sanitizing, wearing gloves and keeping their distance from one another, as well as our clients. Any sign of cough or sickness means you are sent home immediately. This requires everyone to be honest and trustworthy on the subject. We are not taking any chances.

It’s time to get creative when it comes to sales. Fortunately we were a sign shop that evolved into a wrap company. While making signs and little stickers aren’t always our favorite projects, sales are sales and we want to continue helping other companies anyway possible. Personally, I am leaning on those small local businesses during this crisis. From what I can tell these folks are still spending money, but how long will this last? That is a question I cannot answer and I am completely uncertain what the future holds. These are not major sales, but if the folks are calling in need of DOT numbers or “Joe’s Plumbing” decals, get them squared away ASAP. The response I have seen the past few weeks is, “So happy you guys are still open and willing to work!” At minimum you are making them happy and possibly creating a relationship for life.

Take this time to handle those internal projects that you have not had the opportunity to manage with the busy daily flow. We are finalizing internal work such as a mural, wayfinding signs, deep shop clean, pamphlets and other literature that will help us grow our business after this madness ends.

Being transparent with your staff is crucial as well. Don’t let them live with the uncertainty of what the future holds. Daily updates are huge. Have a plan for that “what if” moment. Make sure you know your next move and communicate that with your team. This will help ease the elephant in the room.

Lastly stay positive, wash your hands and support your local small businesses anyway you can.

Sending love from OKC

Charlie and Jillian Trujillo”

“It is very stressful, but we are managing it.

We are typically out 2 weeks or more for jobs. Since they shut down the NCAA Final Four last week, it has been a waterfall of cancellations. The schools went on Digital Learning Days this on March 16th, so now everyone’s children are home. The stores are wiped out of alcohol, paper towels, toilet paper, bread, etc. We are wiping all shop door handles and surfaces daily with Lysol wipes. Companies are saying they can’t write checks and get them out because the offices are shut down and no one is there to sign them, so cash flow from accounts receivable is questionable at this point. We accept credit cards which are charged a fee to process, but we will take what we can get.

Today I will be trying to figure out Georgia Department of Labor Unemployment filing for the Emergency Rule 300-2-4-0.5, containing Rule 300-2.4-.09(1) Partial Unemployment Amendment that was adopted on March 16th, 2020. This will enable my employees to continue receiving paychecks through the unemployment system once our jobs are exhausted. I am attending an online conference through Chase for Business today at 2:30PM that will discuss the COVID-19 escalating and how to position myself during crisis. We held an employee meeting yesterday to discuss concerns and talk about our plans for the rest of this week. We will meet again on Friday to make a plan for the following week. At this point, it is definitely one day at a time.

This week so far we have completed a Toyota Prius, Ford C-Max, 4 Ford Transits, a Box Truck, a 24′ and 28′ trailer, finished up a color change as well as a repair to replace a fender on a color change. That was already scheduled two weeks ago, before the chaos started. I have a feeling this is going to stop abruptly, so we are doing all we can to complete things and get them back to the customers. Our business is not a ‘work from home’ setting in any way, so this virus is serious to our livelihood. My heart aches for everyone in our wrap community faced with the responsibility of running a small business. It can be overwhelming at times, and this is one of those. We will survive and come out stronger and more educated in the end. Once the silence sets in I will be hard at work fine tuning the business. Time to sort through the ‘start, stop and keep’ items, make lists and set goals for the future.

Best wishes and stay positive!

Jim & Starla Miller”


Our best wishes and thoughts go out to the entire #wrapfamily during these trying times.  Yes, it’s tough but we will survive by being smart and continuing to work hard.  We are a community of hands-on people.  We love the satisfaction that comes from building and growing and creating.  We are innovators.  We are stubborn and tenacious business owners who focus on solving problem for our clients every day.  We can do this!

New FESPA World Wrap Masters updates and re-brand released

Some exciting news from the world’s largest and highly regarded wrap competition organization is here!

Artist Ben Allen creating the final canvas.

The FESPA marketing team has redesigned the World Wrap Masters feature with a new logo and design, which can be viewed at the official website: Working closely with Ben Allen, a contemporary artist focusing on graffiti and pop art prints, the new look was developed to reflect the lively vehicle wrapping community. Visitors to World Wrap Masters 2020 in Madrid Spain will be able to see live graffiti art demonstrations from Ben Allen on 24 – 26 March.

Neil Felton, CEO, FESPA comments: “We are excited to be hosting once again the European qualifier and final of World Wrap Masters 2020, where there will be a lot of top talent on display. It is very important for us to keep the competition fresh and exciting each year, which is why we felt it was time for a reinvigorated look and feel that was more representative of the global wrapping community. World Wrap Masters will be one of the most energetic and eye-catching features at FESPA Global Print Expo 2020 this year and one that visitors definitely shouldn’t miss!”

Vehicle wrappers still have the opportunity to apply to compete in the World Wrap Masters Europe competition, although spaces are limited. For more information and entry details visit:

For more information on the World Wrap Masters series, visit:

Visitors to the show can also see the latest vinyls, films and print and cut machinery at FESPA Global Print Expo 2020. To register your attendance to FESPA Global Print Expo 2020 visit and use code FESM216 for free entry. An entry ticket will also gain you access to co-located shows European Sign Expo and Sportswear Pro.