WELCOME to Art City Wraps, our newest Premium Member!

Huge shout out to Josh Marquardt owner and founder of Art City Wraps based in Oshkosh, WI USA.  Art City wraps is our newest Premium member and we are proud to have them on the map.  If you are need of a certified installation, Joshua also claims Avery Dennison CWI certification as well as being a listed 3M Preferred Installer.  A dedicated wrap professional and a die-hard wrap artist, Joshua was honored to compete in the 3M wrap finals at SEMA in 2015 and just recently competed in the Avery Dennison World Wrap Masters competition in Amsterdam, The Netherlands in 2016.

According to the Art City Wraps website “As dedicated wrap professionals we strive towards providing quality materials and installations.  Our wrap-centric shop can accommodate multiple vehicles and large projects.  We help with commercial wraps, truck and trailer wraps, car wraps, fleet graphics, custom vehicle wraps, vehicle graphics and graphic installations of every type and difficulty.  CERTIFIED INSTALLATIONS.  Let us know what it takes to become your trusted wrap provider!”

Welcome to WrapperMapper.com!

FESPA 2016 – World Wrap Masters in Amsterdam Netherlands

Thanks to the generous sponsorship of Avery Dennison and Mimaki the wrapping world tuned in to see the incredible competitors at FESPA 2016 – World Wrap Masters in Amsterdam Netherland.  This year’s event brought in 26 skilled wrap installers from 15 different countries all over the world!  Competing in several rounds, over 4 days, the group was gradually pared down to the final three… Ruan Greef representing Wrap-My-Ride in South Africa, Michael Szwacki out of the UK with MEK Wrap Squad and Jim Miller owner of Miller Decals from the United States.

The wrappers were all subjected to multiple wrap scenarios as they installed Avery Dennison film on various parts of the cars, created custom designs on motorcycle helmets and developed a unique wrap look for the surprise wooden clogs on the third day.  Some absolutely amazing designs were created and Knifeless Tape was used in massive amounts.

Judging the competition were last year’s winner Kiss Lajos, John Duever and Justin Pate under the event organizer and head judge Ole Soleskin.  Each judge stuck to a specifically developed pointing system as each competitor was scored during each round.  The score sheets covered a variety of details from surface cleaning through final trimming while points were awarded from all three judges in independent review.  The final result was a well run and systematic approach by industry professionals.

Ultimately, the final winner was Jim Miller from the United States crowned as the World Wrap Master Champion for 2016.  Jim earned his trophy with a well fought and solid performance as he handled every challenge with speed, skill and consistency.

Congratulations to all of the competitors and a special thanks for everyone who made this such a successful event.


World Wrap Masters – FESPA 2016 – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

World Wrap Masters is coming to you at the 2016 FESPA show in Amsterdam!  Claiming world class wrapping judges and top-notch competitors, the World Wrap Masters will be an event to watch this year.  http://wrapmasters.fespa.com/


Head Judge: Ole Solskin Ravn

“Sunshine” is a Tinting and Wrap expert and owner of SUNTINT A/S, Denmark. Located in Jutland in the Aarhus area.

He founded his company more than 20 years ago and is now involved in the development of installation techniques. He had wrapped and tinted more than 20,000 cars during his time in the sign business. He has traveled all over the world to see different techniques, and has given many training sessions in window tinting and car wrapping.

“For me wrapping is a passion. I always play around with new tools, materials and techniques. The last thing I will do in my life is wrapping my coffin – on the inside “

You probably didn’t know that Ole Sunshine is an educated butcher and is the 6th in row in a family of butchers.

Justin Pate:

Justin Pate is an Avery Specialist and 3M Certified graphics instructor/installer who specializes in vehicle graphic installations. Justin began car wrapping in 1996 in New York City and, in 2007, moved to Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Over his 18-year career, Justin has wrapped over 3,000 vehicles, a majority of them by himself. By closely studying the vehicle graphic installation process, Justin created a highly efficient carwrapping platform called UGIS: Universal Graphic Installation System. UGIS is the basis for the workshops he teaches throughout the world and has been officially endorsed by Avery-Dennison in North America.

On January 1, 2014, Justin launched his streaming video platform – The Wrap Institute. TWI has over 350 videos and counting and covers all aspects of installation techniques: cars, walls, windows, tinting, floors, electronics and much more. Each month new videos are added and annul members get unlimted access to all the videos. To learn more about TWI go to: www.wrapinstitute.com.

Along with making videos for The Wrap Institute, Justin teaches hands-on workshops across the world. Most notably, Justin heads the carwrap workshop and certification program for Avery Dennison in North America. He also teaches workshops in Ireland for Sign and Digital, in Brazil for Alltak and for other Avery Dennison regions like Australia and Japan.

In 2015, Justin will be judge of three carwrapping contests: Ireland Wrap Championship, FESPA World Wrap Masters Championship and Cambea #5 in Brazil.

When Justin is done for the day he spends his time with his wife Beertje and daughter Tigerlily.


KPMF partners with Sekanskin at Canadian Auto Show

TORONTO, ONTARIO – The Canadian Auto Show is the largest gathering of car enthusiasts in Canada each year. Spanning ten days, the show features the displays from global auto manufacturers, a selection of high-end exotics and even specialized areas with hot rods and classics. While wraps were present a few exhibits, they went mostly un-noticed, thought to be custom paint.

This year, Sekanskin, a wrap shop in Toronto known for its meticulous attention to detail wrapped a vehicle during the show. Demonstrations were given three times each day as the team worked to complete an entire car. Crowds gathered and Sekanskin answered hundreds of questions educating the public on the process and its benefits.

KPMF’s Matte Black was chosen for the car, which was originally white. On the eve of the final show day after the public had left, team Sekanskin’s undeniable talents were again confirmed. They transformed the finished matte black car into a true show vehicle by expertly placing themed decals on it. Two additional vehicles previously done by Sekanskin using KPMF were also on display and served as prime examples of Sekanskin’s quality as well as what can be achieved with wrap.

The exhibit garnered a huge amount of attention during the show. A national television channel filmed a segment on wrapping and Sekanskin made it to front page of the paper twice. This exercise proved to be an excellent way to introduce tens of thousands of car enthusiasts to the wrap industry.

Sekanskin is a Toronto based wrap shop specializing in custom high end wraps. For more information visit www.sekanskin.com.

KPMF is a manufacturer of premium vehicle wrap films based in Michigan and Wales, UK. For more information visit www.kpmf.com.

2016 3M Graphics Installation Programs

3M Installer Programs FINALTake Your Skills to the Next Level in 2016 with 3M Graphics Installation Programs
New 3M Application Center set to house 2016 schedule of training programs

ST. PAUL, Minn. – (January 19, 2016) – The success of any business relies upon the skills, knowledge and
dedication of its employees. For graphics installation companies, having a team of highly-skilled and creative
installers that stay on top of industry trends and best business practices is a necessary competitive advantage.
The 3M Advanced Installation Training, 3M Certified Graphics Installation Company Program, Knifeless
Accredited Installer Training and Testing, and 3M Preferred Graphics Installer Program offer graphics
installers and companies the opportunity to improve their skills, broaden their understanding of the business,
and earn recognition as leaders in the industry. New in 2016, all programs in St. Paul will be held at the new
3M Application Center, a state-of-the-art training facility complete with improved classrooms, increased size,
and updated lighting, props and wall textures designed for optimal installation education.

2016 3M Programs and Advanced Training at 3M Application Center in St. Paul, Minn.:

18-20 3M Advanced Training
21-22 3M Preferred Testing
25-28 Knifeless Accredited Training

15-17 3M Advanced Training
18-19 3M Preferred Testing
22-24 3M Certified Training
25-26 3M Certified Testing

21-23 3M Advanced Training
24-25 3M Preferred Testing
28-31 Knifeless Accredited Training
19-21 3M Advanced Training
22-23 3M Preferred Testing

18-20 3M Advanced Training
21-22 3M Preferred Testing
25-27 3M Certified Training
28-29 3M Certified Testing

16-18 3M Advanced Training
19-20 3M Preferred Testing
23-26 Knifeless Accredited Training

11-13 3M Advanced Training
14-15 3M Preferred Testing

1-3 3M Certified Training
4-5 3M Certified Testing
15-17 3M Advanced Training
18-19 3M Preferred Testing

17-19 3M Advanced Training
20-21 3M Preferred Testing
24-26 3M Certified Training
27-28 3M Certified Testing

7-10 Knifeless Accredited Training
14-16 3M Advanced Training
17-18 3M Preferred Testing

12-14 3M Advanced Training
15-16 3M Preferred Testing

Additional 3M Programs are offered throughout the country at the following locations:
• Lowen Certified; Hutchinson, KS
• Geek Wraps University; Fort Lauderdale, FL
• J3 Industries; Addison, TX
• Wrapix Academy; Burbank, CA

Dates for the courses offered at these locations can be found online here.

“We value the benefits of hard work and education, especially when it comes to graphics installation, and are
excited to work with the next group of world-class installers and graphics companies at our new 3M Application
Center in the coming year,” said Marcio Oliveira, Technical Service Supervisor for 3M Commercial Solutions
Division. “We encourage all graphic installers and companies to take advantage of the 2016 3M programs and
advanced training to sharpen their skills, enhance their knowledge of the industry, and acquire tools necessary
for growing their business.”

The 3M Advanced Installation Training program offers optional professional graphics training to improve
installer’s skills and prepare them for Certified or Preferred installation testing. Successful completion of the
testing and program requirements provides 3M Certified Companies and 3M Preferred Installers with networking
opportunities with fellow industry peers, inclusion on the 3M Installer Locator and rights to the 3M Certified
Graphics Installation Company or 3M Preferred Graphics Installer titles.

Knifeless Accredited Installer Training and Testing focuses on high-end installations using Knifeless Tape and 3M
graphic films. The knowledge gained, and the Knifeless Accredited Installer title, will enable installers to increase
the value they deliver to their customers and differentiate themselves.

The 3M Certified Graphics Installation Company Program and 3M Preferred Graphics Installer Program continue
to elevate the standards for graphics installation. Companies and installers are recognized by 3M and the industry
at large for not only their elite installation skills and knowledge, but also their sound business practices.
For more information on the 3M Certified Graphics Installation Program and 3M Preferred Graphics Installer
Program visit the 3M website, and learn more about 3M Advanced Installation Training online here.

Welcome to #201WRAP!

IdentityDesign_08#201WRAP was established in March of 2009 in Jacksonville, FL USA as a full service design, print, and production facility. What started out in 500 square foot facility has now grown to a over 3500 square foot production powerhouse. Identity Design has quickly become THE source for creating hard hitting media and trend setting vehicle wraps. Over the years Identity Design has become a nationally recognized vehicle wrap facility with next level quality and service.

As the founders of PAINTisDEAD.com, Identity Design has helped pave the foundation of the vehicle wrap industry with a network of dedicated, quality installers around the globe. Paint is Dead is a one-stop resource for all things wrap. Whether you are looking for an installer, deciding on what color to go with, or simply looking to learn about the product and pick up some cool gear.

Wrap Training with Justin Pate at 25% OFF!

Web_AD_TheWrapInstituteWho doesn’t dream of doing a killer wrap training class with world renowned industry trainer Justin Pate?  Whether you wrap occasionally or are a seasoned veteran you know that there is always something new to learn.  …and now you can for less!

The Wrap Institute is an online streaming service that provides high quality videos on how to apply graphics featuring master installer Justin Pate.  Annual memberships give users unlimited access to over 530 videos that cover topics from boats, walls, windows, cars, vans, vinyl lettering and much more. Each month 20-30 new videos are added along with new features like free pdf downloads for pre-inspection and quality control.  All content is neutral which means all techniques shown apply to any type of film or manufacturer.   Never Stop Learning!

Sign-Up now and use our exclusive Coupon Code for your 25% discount – TWWRAPPERMAPPER – in the sign-up form.  Head over to The Wrap Institute now.

Arlon Automotive World Wrap Mania Competition at SEMA 2015

At the 2015 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, Arlon brought together installers from all over the world into one booth for a prestigious wrap competition hosted by Arlon, “Arlon Automotive World Wrap Mania”. The event started off with 6 teams, each with 5 installers, competing for the title of “Best Quality Wrap” or “Most Creative Wrap”. Each team brought unique qualities, skills and their creative minds to the competition which attracted crowds from all over the show floor.
The Arlon Automotive World Wrap Mania competition gave these top installers the first opportunity to work with the newly released Ultimate PremiumPlus™ Silver Chrome, and other Arlon favorites including: Blue Aluminum and Toxic Green. Each team was tasked with wrapping half of a vehicle in a limited three hour timeframe which included the most complex areas of the vehicle. A team of Arlon Automotive specialists judged each team’s execution on quality and creative design. After a neck to neck performance from each team, the competition proved to be a battle to the end. The Wrap Society led by Team Captain, Niel Scotto of ND Vinyl, was awarded the “Best Quality Wrap” and the “Most Creative Wrap” was awarded to Team R.I.C.O. led by Team Captain, Carl Brewer of The Wrap Installers. Both teams showed exceptional skills in each category which led to their victory.
“Each Arlon wrap competition presents a unique set of challenges for the installers and this year’s competition did not disappoint. The inclusion of Arlon’s new Silver Chrome demanded a higher level of skill and innovative thinking from the installers,” states Ritchie Daize, Business Development Manager – Automotive, Arlon Graphics, LLC.SEMA Contest Winners
Team R.I.C.O. The Wrap Society

Mutoh, Fellers and Justin Pate create the perfect storm at SEMA

If you were lucky enough to attend SEMA this year in Las Vegas hopefully you had a chance to hit the Mutoh booth.  Mutoh played host to the Speed Wrapping competition where some of the world’s fastest wrappers attempted to fully wrap an Audi A8 in the shortest official time.

The elements of the ever ticking time clock, the pressure of an entranced audience and the ongoing commentary of wrap industry icons Frank Fellers and Justin Pate combined for a dramatic display.  The chemistry between Justin and Frank was undeniable as they explained the wrap process, pointed out details in the application, discussed film properties and even engaged in a little good natured ribbing.  All in all, an effective and informative strategy that was helpful to the attendees.

Ultimately, the fastest time of 22minutes 50.83 seconds went to the team of installers representing Carbon Wraps, Gator Wraps, LE Wraps and Miller Decals.  Their efforts were incredible to watch and earned them a nice prize from Fellers for breaking the SEMA Show record.

If you stuck around a little longer you were treated to a last minute wager between Frank and Justin on just how fast the Audi could be stripped.  Frank figured 5 minutes and Justin called for 35 seconds… Final strip time was 53.12 seconds.  Scorching fast and fun to watch.