Women of Wrap take over the Avery Dennison booth at SEMA 2018

If you attended SEMA in Las Vegas this year you were treated to a first-time ever, one-of-a-kind, wrap industry event.  Imagine a huge crowd of people gathered around a couple of amazing cars and discovering what most of us already in the industry know… we have some incredibly talented wrapping ladies!

This all began as an idea from Jen Carney (Carbon Wraps).  In her words… “I have wanted to put together an all female wrap team for years, as I’m sure others have as well. I figured there was no harm in asking, so I pitched the idea to Sarah and Patti at Avery Dennison who were immediately on board and excited. Justin Pate was gracious enough to lend us some time and booth space while Jofferey Van Der Jagt supplied a killer design.  The goal was to show the presence that women have in the industry though we don’t always claim the spotlight.  I wanted to highlight, hopefully encourage and help women gain confidence in their skills as they become more involved with wraps. I hope that we empowered women and men to build more teams together.”

With the original team of Kathy Alexander (Incognito Wraps), Kinsey Sharp (Sharp Wraps OKC) and Cindy Richards (Avery Dennison) the group was further bolstered by the events’s MC Starla Miller (Miller Decals) to add some spice and commentary.

Abby Monnot (Avery Dennison) said, “I am so proud of what these group of women are continuing to accomplish.  I’m even more proud they came to Avery Dennison with the idea and knew we would support them.  Being a woman in this industry, I got chills watching them install, because something like this was first of its kind.  I know a lot of them stepped out of their comfort zones to be featured in our booth and I am in awe of their courage.  I’m happy we were able to provide them the platform for their success.  This is what my job is all about.”

Cindy Richards added her thoughts by saying “I am just excited to have this kind of exposure for women in the industry. There are some amazing talents here and we were excited to give a platform. I hope this increases the number of women to stand up, be proud of what they do and empower them to showcase it.”

As an added twist, Chrissy Ross Walthour (IBOW), pitched in with another suggestion from the crowd… how about bringing in some of the wrapping pro ladies who are watching to add to the team?  With a little encouragement the booth was soon home to even more wrapping talent as the Women of Wrap swelled to include Brittany Banks (All City Wraps), Krystal Miszewski (Candy Wraps), Paige Walton (S6 Wraps) and Tasha Marohn (TM Motorsports Imaging).

Final result?  A super cool wrapped car with an even cooler showcase of the skill and talent the ladies in our industry possess.