TeckWrap: The Fashion Hunter – Introducing new trendy colors

As one of the fashion pioneers in the auto wrap industry, TeckWrap knows well that car wraps are time-sensitive and trends can change quickly in the market. Thus, it continues to launch brand-new designs and colors every three months to keep up with the rapid-changing tendency.

Recently, TeckWrap continues rolling out a series of fresh colors in its Satin Metallic (SMT) and Super Gloss (CG-HD) selections. Fashionistas can choose from glistening classic and glossy paint-like colors to waxy and subtle satin finishes.

Better-than-paint!  The Super Gloss wrap films that TeckWrap launches in this series are nothing like before. Every color is covered and double-protected with a plastic liner, presenting a shining oil-slick surface that is outstanding enough to turn heads, looking even better than paint.

Beauty that can’t hide, unlike this swanky style, the Satin Metallic series is unique in other ways. From light colors to deep ones, every wrap comes with a smooth and silk-like finish reflecting distinctive metallic shine, humbly outpouring its elegance.

Both series provide wrap lovers with more-than-enough options. Whether traditional or wild, you will find a color that suits your taste. You can even craft a unique design using a combination of different materials. Quite a few precedents have proved the success of the strong visual impact in this way.

Rigorous quality control applies to whichever style you create with the TeckWrap products, you can wrap with confidence. As the company develops further and consistently pursues high quality, TeckWrap continues perfecting its Renolit-based raw materials.

With the strict quality control driven by user experience, all vinyl wrap film products meet the standard to the following characteristics:
 Easy to apply
 Flexible to conform
 Long durability
 Safe to remove

Start the stress-free experience
You can feel free to work with TeckWrap materials. The brand has developed a solid worldwide network, with warehouses across the globe, ensuring fast delivery. For USA customers , TeckWrap even offers free domestic shipping on orders of full 18-meter (59ft, 19yds). Find your favorite color and learn more at teckwrap.com.