Wrappers!!! Get more lines in the water!

Its a random Monday morning and an email came into my inbox today which sparked an idea for an encouraging blog post.

I believe that most wrappers understand that we are a bit of a rare breed.  A strange mix of artist, craftsperson and business person.  We love to create but also have an intense desire to succeed financially for our business, our employees and our family.  We love competition but also seem to revel in the camaraderie and support of our fellow wrappers all across the world.  That strange, and sometimes counterintuitive, view of our industry leads to the various ways we see and operate in marketing our wrap shops.

Some common questions… Should you focus your marketing strictly efforts on your local market area or devote time & resources to pursuing a more national image?  What certification should you get and which one will bring in the most business?  What should you do with social media or is it even worth it?  Should you get involved with local car shows.. compete in wrap competitions… join a prestigious networking organization…?

Yes, it can be a bit much.

Here’s the thing though.  When you think back in your life you will probably notice that pretty much all of your business is cyclical.  For months we can find our good leads coming from the PDAA and then that dries up for a bit.  Meanwhile 3M’s certified installations start popping again or the Avery Dennison CWI network could be pinging away.  Your personal local book of business goes starts doing some cool things but then your involvement in the UASG starts bringing in some good leads.  Your participation in WRAPSCON’s Wrap Olympics, WrapGlove’s Wraps LIVE or a a global competition with the FESPA World Wrap Masters links you up with other shops who need help.

And another thing, how in the world do you get social media to work for you!?  While there are a number of strategies here are a couple of tips.  Number one, directly TAG the photo itself AND tag the comment you write.  Tag the film manufacturer you used, tag the client, tag the installer who did the work, the photographer etc.  You can also tag those of us who have dedicated time and a platform to help promote wraps!  Tag @wrappermapper, @thewrappromoter, @wrapfolio @paintisdead, @wrapchannel etc.

Another way to increase your chances of being seen and re-posted is make sure you are showing off your projects as best you can.  A focus on high quality, professional grade, well produced photos / videos will go a long way.

DO: Make sure you have a clean, well-staged, well lit, uncluttered composition with interesting angles

DO: Take the time to work out and create images that show off the wrap film itself as well as the project

DO: Let us know if a particular photographer, designer etc. should be credited for work. We love promoting all aspects of a well produced wrap job. (give us proper tags to use)

DON’T: Send in photos of a dirty shop, cluttered backgrounds, unwashed cars etc.

DON’T: Submit images with big branding on the photos. We will ensure you are properly tagged and credited for the content.

Ultimately, the more lines we have in the water the more fish we catch right?


It’s BACK!!! The Wraps Event, For Wrappers, By Wrappers!


WRAPSCON will once again be the single-largest gathering of wraps professionals under one roof at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, June 15-17, in conjunction with GRAPHICS PRO EXPO (formerly THE NBM SHOW).

As we celebrate our sixth annual event, and hopefully make up for a year of missed networking and education, the best minds in the industry will be at the show sharing their advice, install tips, and business suggestions, all while presenting live demonstrations. Don’t miss this opportunity to interact with top-notch installers, manufacturers and your peers, in support of the ever-growing world of wraps.

WRAPSCON 2021 will feature classroom education geared toward wraps professionals, contests for pros and novices alike, more hands-on opportunities for installers and designers of all ability levels, and more vendors featuring today’s top tools, templates, wide-format printers and films.

This year we’re bringing the event back to its origins in Indy. WRAPSCON will take over an entire section of the exhibit hall. In years past, our exhibitors have delivered demonstrations on floor and wall graphics, window tint and paint protection, as well as auto, boat and plane wrap installations. The excitement and jubilation of an in-person event is on everyone’s mind and the buzz is already building for what WRAPSCON 2021 will have in store.

Highlights of this year’s WRAPSCON will include WRAPSconnect, a question-and-answer panel discussion with some of the wrap world’s elite wrappers on Tuesday morning before the show. We will once again be hosting the Wrap Olympics, a one-of-a-kind single-elimination team wraps contest to determine the best of the best. Grab your partner and register today! (Unfortunately, due to COVID restrictions, our annual Meet the Masters happy hour event will not happen this year.)

Join industry greats like Justin Pate and Jim Miller as we bring it back to INDY! Come see live demos from our sponsors: Mutoh America, ORAFOL, The Wrap Institute, JDS Sign Supply, KPMF, HEXIS, General Formulations and PROSERIES.

If you have skin in the wraps game, YOU GOTTA BE THERE!

For more information about WRAPSCON 2021, click here.

For more about GRAPHICS PRO EXPO in 2021, click here.

And, to register your team for Wrap Olympics, click here.

Wrap Industry Support & Information… PROFILE: Wraps Magazine, SDG and WRAPSCON

Times change and business fortunes are rising and falling.  Here at Wrapper Mapper we thought it would be a great idea to start doing some profiles on the wonderful resources that are out there for the wrap industry.  To this end we are actively reaching out in order to gather and promote some of the magazines, organizations, shows and events that have been supporting our shops throughout the years.  Our dream is that these Profiles will put you in touch with more information that will prove useful during these trying times.

For the premiere story we spoke with James “Ruggs” Kochevar who was kind enough to share some history, some fun events and some new exciting changes.

“Sign Business started in 1985, where we differentiated ourselves from other magazines in the market by focusing on vinyl and computer driven graphics. As the industry advanced, we developed Digital Graphics, which was a deep-dive on the printed aspect of sign making. As the years passed, we saw the emergence of the wraps market and with consultation of some industry heavy hitters, we took a leap and developed WRAPS magazine in 2008. It started as a bi-monthly magazine centered on educating people about wraps, what they were and how you might incorporate them into your business. Then the recession hit in 2009. It was then that we compiled our magazines into Sign & Digital Graphics, with wraps being a topic we covered monthly in each issue.

In 2013, when the economy was had strengthened and more businesses where back to 100% earning potential, it was time to break WRAPS magazine back out on its own, this time as a hearty annual. In the years since, we have become the authority in wraps education, covering topics such as certification, install techniques, running a wraps business, printing and finishing for auto, floor, interior and exterior building wraps and more. The insatiable following for WRAPS magazine prodded us to create WRAPSCON (@ THE NBM SHOW.) This started out and has remained the premier event “For wrappers, by wrappers.” Industry titans like Justin Pate, Jim Miller, Troy Downey and Frank Fellers have supported the event over the past six years with exhibits, live demos and other educational opportunities at the event. Our WRAPSconnect panel discussion; Wrap Olympics, the industry’s largest, team-wrapping competition; and Meet the Masters Happy Hour have made this the can’t-miss gathering of the year.

With 2020 comes new challenges and new opportunities to serve this great industry. A lot of our sign/wrap community is struggling right now and we are looking at ways to help, not only now, but for the long term. Part of our responsibility to the market is getting our readers the most useful information we can regarding business acumen, cross-over opportunities, and being as profitable as possible with sound product and process practices. Enter the GRAPHICS PRO era. This new magazine will help do exactly that. If you liked SDG, you’ll love GP! And WRAPS will still be coming to you mid-June, so keep your eyes peeled.”

Wraps VIP 2018… party by the sea

Can you really ask for a better combination than a wrap industry party, for wrappers, put on by wrappers, supported by wrappers… looking over the ocean?  For the third year the Wraps VIP party went off without a hitch thanks to the mighty efforts of Dan Nava, Chrissy Ross Walthour, the IBOW team, a healthy dose of willing volunteers and, of course, the top notch sponsors who made it all possible.

IBOW and DUB IR played host to the event that was the highlight of the week with a huge thank you to the “Big Kahuna” sponsors Orafol, Avery Dennison and 3M who generously supported the festivities while simultaneously going above and beyond with prizes and spirit!

The Wraps VIP event began as the brainchild of Dan Nava as a natural supplement for the 2016 WRAPSCON in Indianapolis, IN USA.  An industry veteran and wrap industry advocate, Dan, reached out to Tim Evans of WrapperMapper and pitched the idea of a fun, after-hours, wrap party specifically designed to let everyone just let loose.  Combined with the WrapperMapper “all are welcome” ethos we had a winner right out of the gate.

Each year the Wraps VIP event has changed to a new cool location.  From a cowboy bar in Indy, to a yacht cruising the Long Beach Harbor to this year’s ocean-side venue… really a spectacular time.

This year also saw the introduction of the 5 minute model-car speed wrap contest.  A super exciting and fun event where each of our volunteer competitors had 5 minutes, to create a cool design on a die-cast car.  Try doing that in front of a screaming crowd!  The final result was a lot of laughs, a lot of interesting designs and the top three awards going to Jim Miller (Miller Decals), Steve Carney (Carbon Wraps) and Kalee Conner (Who Did That !?!).

As an added treat we had Jeff Gregorio, host of the All Wrapped Up podcast, doing interviews with all sorts of our distinguished guests.

All-in-all, the Wraps VIP 2018 party was yet again another knock-out success!!!


If you missed WRAPSCON 2018… you missed a lot.

If you didn’t make it Long Beach California for WRAPSCON this year… you missed yet another great show.  As always, this wrap industry focused event was hosted by NBM (National Business Media) who brings us awesome publications like Sign and Digital Graphics Magazine and the annual WRAPS Magazine.  The much anticipated WRAPS Magazine “…covers the materials, technology, and production of all forms of wrap applications including vehicle, fleet, building, flooring, and rough-surface wrapping. Shop owners will find it an authoritative source of business information on market trends, how-to application tips, design strategies and out-of-home and vehicle advertising.

The WRAPSCON show was anchored by a variety of wrap focused vendors from Printers to wrap films, tools, training and suppliers with everyone pitching in to create a wrap-centric experience found nowhere else on the planet.  Ruggs Kochevar, Publisher – Sign & Digital Graphics and Wraps magazine / Producer – WRAPSCON @ THE NBM SHOW, said it best… “For all the moving parts that is WRAPSCON, I think we took a nice step forward this year.  WRAPSconnect, Meet the Masters and, of course, the Wrap Olympics were all big hits.  We saw international competitors, attendees and exhibitors alike.  We had a record number of teams in the contest as well as record sponsor participation.  I couldn’t be happier.  The thing about an event like this is there is always room for improvement and growth.  Plans have already begun for next year’s show.”

A major highlight was this year’s Wrap Olympics.  Just imagine a host of industry famous judges overseeing a sizable group of professional wrap teams vying for the top prize as Wrap Olympics Champion.  Speed wrapping handles, customizing helmets and rough wall installing were just a few of the challenges that each faced over the three day competition.  Ultimately the Japanese team of Tadashi Kariya (Design Lab Inc) and Keiichi Hasegawa (www.c17media.com) took the top honors winning a sizable pile of prizes from the sponsors.  Top notch job from “Team Samurai”

Our recommendation… sign-up for the Sign and Digital Graphics Magazine, make sure you get the WRAPS Magazine heading your way and start making plans for next year’s WRAPSCON.



















WRAPSCON 2018 – Long Beach CA, USA

WRAPSCON 2018 @ THE NBM SHOW in Long Beach, CA, August 2nd-4th.


Once again, the industry’s leading manufacturers, distributors and wrappers converge on the Long Beach Convention Center for three days of education, exhibition and demonstrations highlighting the latest products and techniques in the arena of wall, floor, building and automotive graphics installation.  The exhibition will feature booths by these expected industry powerhouses: Mutoh America, Roland DGA, Oki Data/Color Painter, Mimaki U.S.A., The Wrap Institute, DUBiR, Orafol, KPFM, 3M Commercial Graphics, Hexis, General Formulations, Alltak and Montroy. The best of the best will be on hand to highlight their experience and knowledge in industry panel discussions, competitions, and live demonstrations on the floor.  The show goes beyond the center including multiple after-hours events and VIP invitation-only get-togethers.


According to Damon Cincotta, National Sales Manager for the show, “We’re assembling another fantastic group of exhibitors again this year.  It’s going to be a “Who’s who” for the market.  If you are new to wraps, just looking to get started, or you’ve got years of experience, this is the place for you.”


“Going into our 4th year, WRAPSCON has cemented itself as the show to attend, if you’re in the wraps market.  Year after year we bring the industry’s leading product manufacturers, install legends, and future influencers.  Each year our goal is to take a step up, in all aspects, for the good of the market. That’s the key in the wraps market, it’s not about one person, or one company.  It’s for the greater good.” – James “Ruggs” Kochevar, Publisher of Sign & Digital Graphics and Wraps Magazines.


If you’ve got skin in the wraps game, you are cordially invited to join this lot in Long Beach.  Registration opens April 26th.  www.thenbmshow.com/wrapscon

WRAPS VIP 2017 is hitting the high seas in Long Beach, CA USA!!!


If you attended the Wraps VIP event in Indianapolis, IN USA during the NBM / WRAPSCON show last year you were treated to a great time.  Friday night vibe combined with Limo runs, a gigantic pack of free prizes from our industry leaders and being surrounded by awesome wrap friends and colleagues for a fun after-hours evening.


Imagine walking the red carpet up the gangway to board our Hollywood style WRAPS VIP cruise.  We are planning more great prize giveaways from our generous sponsors, live music, food, drink and a super-fun celebrity Wrap Rodeo (where the points don’t matter but bragging rights do) all while cruising the beautiful seas off the California coast.  A ton of fun is in the making.  With limited room on the ship we will require everyone to RSVP here ( Wraps VIP RSVP )

What started out as a great idea from Dan Nava with Travel Wraps Graphics / IBOW Training this event has really taken off in our second annual iteration.

All been made possible thanks to our team-up with the Paint is Dead network, support from The Wrap Society, WrapFolio and The Wrap Promoter, and our early-bird sponsors  KPMF, Pro Vehicle Outlines, BladeCage, Roland, Pro Sign and Graphics, Sharp Wraps, IBOW Training, Lowen Certified, ColorReal app, CarWrapper app, and The Wrap Institute the Wraps VIP team is very pleased to announce our 2017 after-hours event on the high seas.  Sponsorships are limited so click here to support our efforts.

The NBM / WRAPSCON also continues to grow as they shift to the west coast this summer. According to the official show description… “National Business Media, the proud producers of WRAPS and Sign & Digital Graphics magazines and THE NBM SHOW, presents the event for graphics installers: WRAPSCON July 20-22, 2017. With the huge potential for growth in the graphics market, especially vinyl wrap professionals serving the vehicle wrap advertising, commercial fleet graphics and other related graphics markets, WRAPSCON has quickly become the must attend event of the year.

“We are putting together a very dynamic floor—one that represents most of the major players in the wraps market,” says Damon Cincotta, THE NBM SHOW/WRAPSCON national trade show manager. “Many will be doing live demos in their booth and/or teaching a class. If you’re new to the wraps game or if you’ve been doing it for decades, there will be something at WRAPSCON for you.”

We are bringing in the best graphics installers and the leading manufacturers and distributors in the business under one roof, with a national audience of installers, to share tips and tricks, install techniques, and the latest products to boost this rapidly growing market. Come see the latest in digital printing, vinyl technology, lamination, vehicle templates, wrap specific artwork and tools. If you have skin in the WRAPS game, then you NEED to be here!”

Be sure to make plans to join us!


The first Wraps VIP party makes an international impact at WRAPSCON!

The first ever Wraps VIP event was a resounding success! What initially started with a simple message from Indianapolis local Dan Nava (Travel Wraps Graphics) quickly grew into quite an affair for WrapperMapper.com and the international wrap community.  Wrap professionals from all over the world converged on Indianapolis, IN for the 2nd annual WRAPSCON event and were treated to an after-hours event to be remembered.  A stretch Hummer limo chauffeured the VIP’s around town while drinks, music and a whole bevy of great prizes were lined up to be given away to the gathered crowd.

The wrap industry attendees enjoyed quite a display of goods and services from the industry suppliers who pitched in to help.  These Wraps VIP sponsors donated more than $15,000 in prizes ranging from full 25 yard rolls of wrap films, professional installation tools, training packages, software and much more.  Thanks so much to all of our sponsors for donating such awesome prizes and thanks to WRAPSCON for supporting our goal of creating a great party.  Check out the list of all the generous things that were won during the party… Wraps VIP Prize Page

Special thanks to the Travel Wraps Graphics team for all of their hard work in making this event a reality. It could not have happened without all of your time and effort guys!

KPMF puts together a splash for WRAPSCON 2016

WRAPSCON 2016 was ground zero for a spectacular day courtesy of KPMF (Kay Premium Marking Films).  The vehicle wrapping film manufacturer arranged a once-in-a-lifetime Indy Racing Car Experience at the world famous Indianapolis Speedway.  The lucky attendees got to suit up, pop on a helmet and take a couple of thrilling high-speed laps around the 2.5 mile track reaching up to 180mph.

The day was finished off with a beautiful party at the DalaraIndy Car Factory where the new KPMF wrapping film colors and overlaminates were revealed to great crowd.  Plenty of food, drinks and fun were had by all.

Many thanks to the KPMF team for creating such a day to remember!

WRAPSCON is coming! Set your calendars for June 2nd – 4th.



Set your calendars now for the 2nd annual WRAPSCON in Indianapolis, IN USA!

National Business Media, the proud producers of WRAPS and Sign & Digital Graphics magazines and THE NBM B.I.G. SHOW, presents the event for graphics installers: WRAPSCON June 2-4, 2016. With the huge potential for growth in the graphics market, especially vinyl wrap professionals serving the vehicle wrap advertising, commercial fleet graphics and other related graphics markets, WRAPSCON has quickly become the must attend event of the year.

We are bringing in the best graphics installers and the leading manufacturers and distributors in the business under one roof, with a national audience of installers, to share tips and tricks, install techniques, and the latest products to boost this rapidly growing market. Come see the latest in digital printing, vinyl technology, lamination, vehicle templates, wrap specific artwork and tools. If you have skin in the WRAPS game, then you NEED to be here!

Sign-Up Here for the show and to check out the exhibitors, trainers and events.  https://thenbmshow.com/wrapscon