HEXIS LAUNCHES 4 NEW SKINTAC COLORS to add to their cast PVC Wrap Vinyl line with over 250 colors

The SKINTAC HX30000 range is designed to customize vehicles or objects. It consists of a multilayered cast vinyl film and a release liner with structured HEX’Press adhesive for easier application. Gloss, matte, super matte or structured surface finish. Cast vinyl, long-term durability and 250+ colors to choose from. Check out our newest SKINTAC HX30000 colors below:



Honey Comb Black Satin

Wrapped by

Auto Skins Customs




Arabica Copper Chrome Gloss

(available in satin)

Wrapped by

Auto Film Solutions



Lime Green Chrome Gloss

(available in satin)

Wrapped by




Ebony Black Gloss Chrome

Wrapped by

HEXIS Graphics 


Check out www.hexis-graphics.com for more information on our SKINTAC series.

For more information on our SKINTAC Training Courses, go to www.hexisamericas.com or email info@hexisamericas.com.

New Home for HEXIS Americas opens its doors

HEXIS Americas is a new Master Exclusive Representative of HEXIS S.A. – a leading manufacturer of self-adhesive films in the print, signage, automotive/interior restyling and protection, and window film industries. A new 10,000 square foot facility, just 20 minutes north of Atlanta, GA, acts as the main distribution center, sales and administration office, and training center for HEXIS in all of the western hemisphere.

“The objective and vision is to give people what they want and to better supply them with the products that they have come to know and love over the past 30 years. Helping industry professionals plan and execute their upcoming projects is what it’s all about. With a new team alongside me, our distribution partners, and the innovation we put into our products… we plan to take HEXIS to another level in helping our industry and those within it.” – says Vorada Chanthavong, Vice President of HEXIS Americas.

To help kick-off the new operations and new home, HEXIS Americas recently hosted a Grand Opening Event and Inauguration in late-March 2019. Over 200 people were in attendance, traveling from different parts of North America. Live demonstrations, product samples, and raffles were conducted, along with music and entertainment – which definitely represents HEXIS’ young and vibrant culture. See photos attached.

For more information, feel free to visit www.hexis-graphics.com or contact info@hexisamericas.com