RE-DESIGN of the Wrapper Mapper!

cropped-HeaderImage_02-2014_012.jpg   We are now about 5 months out from the birth of the Wrapper Mapper concept.  So far we have enjoyed a great response from the wrap industry and traffic is steadily building to the site.  The map, of course, is the biggest draw but we have also been fortunate in getting some attention from some other industry websites as well as generating views on some of the blog articles here.

The better we spread the word, and the more eyeballs we can get on the map, the better exposure we get for all of the wrap installers on the map.  With this is mind we have just finished some graphical tweaks to the header, free map icon and the Premium Map icon.  This was made possible by the Mike Browne out at who was kind enough to spitball some different concepts at us.  I believe we have been able to improve the look of the site which will translate to an easier flow.

Check out the new additions and please help us the spread the Wrapper Mapper by linking to our articles, liking / sharing the different posts and linking to the map itself.

Happy wrapping all!