New Icon on Map for Wrapper Mapper Premium Members


The Wrapper Mapper is pleased to announce a new perk for all of our premium members.  In addition to the Contact Info, Live Web Links, Social Media tools and the customized Photo Gallery, we have now created a new custom map icon.

Here are the details…

1. The icon displays on every map view (both Home Page and the Big Map).

2. The icon is larger in size than the Free Listing which creates a more dominating map view.

3. The icon displays the “Premium Member” status.

4. The icon sets the Premium Members apart, creating a more visual indication that they are easily contacted thru the map.

This continues the goal of creating even more value for the shops choosing to upgrade to the Premium level for the incredibly low price of $8.33 per month.  We believe that this improvement builds on our desire to provide overwhelming benefits for the wrap shops and it helps keep the website self-sustaining.

Sign Up Here for your Premium Listing.

Thanks to Core Graphics in Tallahassee, FL for the excellent idea and their ongoing participation in the success of the