Le Wrap Day – A day of wrapping and sharing for 2021

The company Adforme located in Heyrieux, France has been organizing a very special event since 2013.  Le Wrap Day is an event that brings together wrappers from all across Europe.  The premise of Le Wrap Day is focused on community, rather than competition, and is a dedicated time of sharing cool projects.

According to Adforme owner & Le Wrap Day founder Benoit Jacquelin, “This year we brought in an incredible Chevy COE from the United States in order to make a show car.  The bodywork and interior have been restored and modified by Garage Ollier who took over 250 man hours to complete the work.  Since January 2 graphic designers (Féroce Graphics and Graphikustoms) have worked together for a super cool design.  Working together, the entire team, then made material choices to give relief: the black background is in 3M IJ 480 Matte, the red in 3M IJ480 Gloss with some additional gold chrome for awesome effect.  The wings are in 3M 2080 Frozen Vanilla, with Arlon Illuminite cut out.  The bucket received 3M DI-NOC for a wood effect.  We also used Avery Chrome Gold for the front.”

12 Wrappers came from all over France, Switzerland and Germany to carry out this very technical project (120 hours of installation accumulated).  It was also an opportunity to discuss the job, share tips and have a good time with enthusiasts and prepare  The next Edition which will take place in 2022 with full teams as well as adding an excellent American team?