Introducing: WrapFam Unleashed!

James “Ruggs” Kochevar, creator of WRAPSCON announces new venture.

WrapFam Unleashed, the Rolling Stone of wraps magazines. A magazine for wrappers in their own words, unfiltered and unleashed! That’s right you heard correctly uncensored content from the mouths of the influencers you’ve come to know and trust. Your home-away-from home! We are here to celebrate the contributions of designers, vinyl installers (of all kinds) and the manufacturers and distributors who support them. We examine the entire process: from concept to creation, installation to maintenance and beyond. We’ll explore business topics that hit close to home, entertain you with shop and individual profiles, highlight the market’s greatest achievements, showcase new products and drop pearls of wisdom from mentors inspiring generations to come. 

We also want to give our readers an opportunity to get involved, not only in the magazine, but the industry as a whole and to open their eyes to new and different opportunities to create, maintain and grow their business. If you’d like to be featured in WrapFam Unleashed, click here!

This is a magazine for wrappers by wrappers.