Introducing HEXIS Americas’ Revolutionary Advanced BODYFENCE Training Course!

In July, HEXIS Americas held its first-ever Advanced BODYFENCE Training Course for experienced paint protection film installers.  This course focused on tackling challenging applications that installers will face on a daily basis, on different vehicles.

Before the course began, our Certified HEXIS Trainers asked the students about the difficulties they often faced and what they hoped to gain from the program. The Certified Trainers then tailored their lessons to address each individual concern. Since the class was full of seasoned installers, trainers were able to skip the basics and dive straight into the more complex techniques. Over two days, students mastered new skills, shared stories of difficult installations, and compared notes on their experiences. Each installer received a framed certificate of completion, expanded their industry network, gained valuable skills to enhance their careers and marketability, and took home a bag of marketing collateral & set of tailored PPF SHAG tools.

This course covered specialty vehicles, such as:

  • Tesla Model 3
  • Toyota Supra
  • Chevy Silverado High Country
  • Porsche Macan
  • Porsche Cayenne
  • Mini Cooper S

 Students also learned specific applications such as:

  • 72” wide-hood application
  • 1- piece Tesla hatches
  • 1- Piece Tesla bumpers 
  • Supra wide-hood
  • Supra wide and curvy trunk
  • Macan hood 
  • How to avoid lifting and separation 
  • Pre-cut templates
  • Avoid:  lift-lines, silvering, debris, etc.
  • And much more…

During the hands-on session, students were able to experience the selection of BODYFENCE products offered:

  • BODYFENCEX Clear Gloss
  • BODYFENCEM Clear Matte
  • BFBLACK Black Gloss
  • BFWIDE Clear Gloss (72”)


“First time at the HEXIS training facility for the advanced PPF training. Having done PPF before it really allowed me to fine tune some of those techniques. Finishing corners, what a vehicle should look like when it’s delivered, not silvering, other issues. It was fantastic, had great trainers, great experience, great group of people.” – Eric Duncan, Xhibit Solutions/Pittsburgh Custom Wraps.

The next Advanced BODYFENCE Training Course is scheduled for October, and to learn more about all of our programs and certifications, visit: