TeckWrap: The Fashion Hunter – Introducing new trendy colors

As one of the fashion pioneers in the auto wrap industry, TeckWrap knows well that car wraps are time-sensitive and trends can change quickly in the market. Thus, it continues to launch brand-new designs and colors every three months to keep up with the rapid-changing tendency.

Recently, TeckWrap continues rolling out a series of fresh colors in its Satin Metallic (SMT) and Super Gloss (CG-HD) selections. Fashionistas can choose from glistening classic and glossy paint-like colors to waxy and subtle satin finishes.

Better-than-paint!  The Super Gloss wrap films that TeckWrap launches in this series are nothing like before. Every color is covered and double-protected with a plastic liner, presenting a shining oil-slick surface that is outstanding enough to turn heads, looking even better than paint.

Beauty that can’t hide, unlike this swanky style, the Satin Metallic series is unique in other ways. From light colors to deep ones, every wrap comes with a smooth and silk-like finish reflecting distinctive metallic shine, humbly outpouring its elegance.

Both series provide wrap lovers with more-than-enough options. Whether traditional or wild, you will find a color that suits your taste. You can even craft a unique design using a combination of different materials. Quite a few precedents have proved the success of the strong visual impact in this way.

Rigorous quality control applies to whichever style you create with the TeckWrap products, you can wrap with confidence. As the company develops further and consistently pursues high quality, TeckWrap continues perfecting its Renolit-based raw materials.

With the strict quality control driven by user experience, all vinyl wrap film products meet the standard to the following characteristics:
 Easy to apply
 Flexible to conform
 Long durability
 Safe to remove

Start the stress-free experience
You can feel free to work with TeckWrap materials. The brand has developed a solid worldwide network, with warehouses across the globe, ensuring fast delivery. For USA customers , TeckWrap even offers free domestic shipping on orders of full 18-meter (59ft, 19yds). Find your favorite color and learn more at teckwrap.com.

HEXIS Americas’ new 4,000 sq. ft. Training Center

Introducing HEXIS Americas’ new 4,000 sq. ft. HEXIS Americas Training Center.  

Learn and grow your business while HEXIS offers 3-day BODYFENCE (paint protection film) and 3-day SKINTAC (color-change) vinyl training courses in Atlanta, GA.  Our Certified HEXIS Trainers will teach you the tips, tricks, and techniques to working with HEXIS film and provide business solutions.  Each class is limited to 12 students (maximum) with 2 Certified HEXIS Trainers and 6 full-sized cars so that each student receives 1-on-1 hands on training.  Beginners and advanced installers welcome.


Each student will receive a HEXIS Bag of Shag Tools and marketing goods, apparel, lunch each training day, and a Certificate of Training.

Ask about our Certifications.


For more info:


HEXIS Americas

850 Progress Center Court

Suite #150

Lawrenceville, GA 30043


Email:  info@hexisamericas.com

Phone:  770-402-3538

Website:  https://www.hexisamericas.com/training/

Contact:  Christen Hughes (Marketing Manager)



BFBLACK is an opaque black adhesive-coated polyurethane paint protection film, which is self-healing at ambient temperature and specially developed for decorating, protecting metal roofs of cars, and can also be used for full PPF wrapping. Its excellent shock-absorbing properties protect your bodywork against stone chips, scratches, UV rays, insects, etc. 

With the same “X” technology as BODYFENCEX, BFBLACK offers the following features:

  • Self-healing at ambient temperature
  • Shock-absorbing properties protect your bodywork against insects, scratches and stone chips
  • Enhanced hydrophobic effect
  • Extra glossy surface finish with no orange peel


For more information, please visit:  www.bodyfence.net | www.hexis-graphics.com

For pricing and purchasing, contact your local Distributor:



Avery DennisonⓇ Graphics Solutions ‘Wrap Like a King’ Challenge is Back for 2021 — And Open for Vehicle Wrap Submissions

MENTOR, Ohio – September 1, 2021 – Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions announced the return of the Wrap Like A King Challenge. This year’s vehicle wrap competition will run from September 1 to October 31, 2021. A new concept called “Local Edition” has been launched for the first time, with awards for 12 Regional Wrap Kings and three Continent Wrap Kings and Queens.

Beginning September 1, wrap installers from over 40 countries are invited to submit their best full print or color change vehicle wrapping projects.

“In 2019, over 150 installers entered the challenge,” Abby Monnot, Marketing Director, Graphics said. “It’s great to be back. Wrap Like a King is an excellent opportunity for installers to showcase their best work. Their projects will be judged by a global jury for the chance to win thousands of dollars in prizes and be recognized by peers and customers.”

The combined prize packages for 2021 Regional and Continental winners exceed $30,000. The three Continental winners will also be invited to each select a charity to receive a $1,000 donation in the name of the winner.

“Giving back to the community is important to Avery Dennison. We are thrilled to extend this to the communities of the three winners of the Wrap Like a King 2021 competition,” Monnot said.


Wrap Like a King Local Edition – Applications and Process


Full information about the competition is available at wraplikeaking.com.


  • Applicators from 12 different geographic regions can participate: United States, Canada, Europe & Middle East and Northern Africa, and the APAC Region (Australia, New Zealand, China and South Africa).
  • All entries need to be submitted at wraplikeaking.com.
  • Any project can be entered which uses Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping™ Film, the Conform Chrome series, MPI 1105 Digital Wrapping Series or a combination of car wrap films. 
  • Judges will select 12 Regional Wrap Kings – each winning nearly $2,000 worth of personalized marketing materials, Avery Dennison products and more.
  • Regional Wrap Kings will then go on to compete across three continents: Europe & MENA, North America and APAC (Australia, New Zealand, China and South Africa).
  • The three Continent Winners will be announced online on November 26, 2021, via the social media accounts linked to the participating Avery Dennison regions.


The 2021 Judges Panel

The industry experts on the panel bring a wealth of experience to select the most beautiful, technically challenging or otherwise most impressive wraps.

  • Justin Pate – Professional Installer/Instructor, Global – American based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Pate is an Avery Dennison certified installer/instructor in the U.S. with over 25 years of experience working both in the U.S. and in Europe. Notably, Pate is the head trainer for the Avery Dennison North American hands-on car wrap workshop and certification program.

  • Penelope Garrido Milla – Co-owner of Alta Wrapping Academy

Milla is the first Spanish woman to gain the Avery Dennison certificates of “Specialist Installer” & “Specialist Trainer.” She is co-owner of Alta Wrapping Academy, which has trained more than 1,200 applicators from all over Spain in the last five years.  With more than 19 years of high-level experience in visual communication, she specializes in commercial and passenger vehicle imagery. She has taken a personal approach, focusing on helping academy participants to reach their maximum potential. Garrido Milla is on the board of directors of FESPA ESPAÑA ASOCIACIÓN and the Women of Wraps (WOW) club.

  • Qian Li – Hewlett Packard Application Development Manager, Spain

Li is the printing application development manager for Hewlett Packard, based in Barcelona. He has worked with industrial large format printing for around 15 years, gaining a great deal of experience around many different aspects of digital printing technology and its various applications. Automotive wrapping is a particular area of expertise, not only because it is one of the key application areas for HP Latex technology, but also because wraps represent one of the most exciting market areas, with enormous creative potential.

  • Dariusz Tondera – Avery Dennison Technical Sales Support, Eastern Europe and Russia

Tondera has been with Avery Dennison since 2012 and has been Technical Sales Support in Eastern Europe and Russia since 2016. For almost 10 years he travelled from the Oder to Vladivostok, supporting and training customers and applicators. Testing and understanding the products are very important for Tondera, helping him to properly resolve questions and inquiries.

  • Molly Waters – Avery Dennison Senior Technical Specialist, USA

Waters has been with Avery Dennison since 1997, when car wrapping was still in its infancy, and has since had the opportunity to see the evolution of digital and wrap film technology. She has over 24 years of experience in the professional automotive/wrap industry and has been around cars her entire life.

  • Peter Wright – Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions, Australia/New Zealand

Wright is a technical marketing manager who works with the industry’s leading installers, teaching vehicle wrapping workshops and promoting the industry. With strong expertise in leading vehicle wrapping workshops, he has trained more than 2,000 people from Australia, New Zealand and ASEAN countries.

  • Sarel Krüger – Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions, South Africa

Krüger joined the Avery team in 2011 after working in the signage industry for nearly 10 years. His experience ranges from equipment and software through to the manufacture of signage and graphics, vehicle wrapping and, ultimately, supplying material.

For more information on Avery Dennison vinyl for car graphics and where to buy Supreme Wrapping™ Film, visit graphics.averydennison.com. Join the conversation on Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions’ European social channels, including Facebook and Instagram, and by following the hashtags #WLAKISBACK or #WLAK2021

Le Wrap Day – A day of wrapping and sharing for 2021

The company Adforme located in Heyrieux, France has been organizing a very special event since 2013.  Le Wrap Day is an event that brings together wrappers from all across Europe.  The premise of Le Wrap Day is focused on community, rather than competition, and is a dedicated time of sharing cool projects.

According to Adforme owner & Le Wrap Day founder Benoit Jacquelin, “This year we brought in an incredible Chevy COE from the United States in order to make a show car.  The bodywork and interior have been restored and modified by Garage Ollier who took over 250 man hours to complete the work.  Since January 2 graphic designers (Féroce Graphics and Graphikustoms) have worked together for a super cool design.  Working together, the entire team, then made material choices to give relief: the black background is in 3M IJ 480 Matte, the red in 3M IJ480 Gloss with some additional gold chrome for awesome effect.  The wings are in 3M 2080 Frozen Vanilla, with Arlon Illuminite cut out.  The bucket received 3M DI-NOC for a wood effect.  We also used Avery Chrome Gold for the front.”

12 Wrappers came from all over France, Switzerland and Germany to carry out this very technical project (120 hours of installation accumulated).  It was also an opportunity to discuss the job, share tips and have a good time with enthusiasts and prepare  The next Edition which will take place in 2022 with full teams as well as adding an excellent American team?

Arlon Introduces 3 New Virtual Application Demos featuring FLITE Technology® Products

Placentia, CA – May 10, 2021 – Global manufacturing leader of graphic films Arlon Graphics has announced 3 new virtual application demos launching May 18 running through July 29, 2021. These demo events allow vehicle wrap installers to get hands-on with Arlon’s FLITE Technology® films and interface with our Technical Experts conveniently and safely. The 3 demo topics are:

  1. Wrapping with cast films featuring SLX+ and SLX Cast Wrap
  2. Installing reflective films with ease featuring IllumiNITE Wrap
  3. How to wrap a vehicle with calendered film featuring Fusion Wrap


In December of 2020, Arlon launched its first virtual demo, and it was extremely well received prompting the company to expand its schedule and topics. Each demo is 30 – 40 minutes and includes a product introduction, a technical application tip, and ends with a live Q&A session for participants to interact directly with one of Arlon’s Technical Solutions Experts, Ritchie Daize, Louie Calma, or Matt Braswell. Each registrant receives a complimentary demo kit prior to the event which contains Arlon branded wrap tools and printed samples for each participant to follow along with.


“Our goal is to continue to bring forward educational events to connect our brand with sign shops and installers alike,” says Nicole Witt, Director of Marketing, The Americas. “Our FLITE Technology vehicle wrap products are in the hands of so many installers now that we want each and every attendee to feel confident in their first application using our products,” says Ritchie Daize, Sr. Technical Solutions Manager for Arlon Graphics.


To view the schedule and register for one of Arlon’s Application Demos, visit: info.arlon.com/demos. For more information on Arlon’s complete product line, visit: arlon.com.

So you wanted to be a hot-shot wrapper huh?

I am angry, so forgive me if I rant. You gave notice after only two weeks on the job and then really screwed me when you didn’t even show up the next day. I know why you quit; it was hard work, harder than you thought it was going to be. The funny thing is, you worked an easy position and never even worked on a crunch project, funny right? The sad thing is you don’t even know how hard it really is, or what it truly means to be a wrapper.

It’s not all your fault; they didn’t really prepare you for this in school did they? They didn’t warn you that being a great wrapper requires first being a great helper. They didn’t tell you about the sacrifices you have to make, the hard work, the hours, the dedication, the commitment, the lack of sleep, they didn’t warn you. You thought you would start up and be like Jim Miller or Justin Pate in a couple years, that’s all it should take right?

I know, I know, learning how to use your knife, trim a good line, or learning how to properly clean your surface is boring.  It’s way cooler to get right to wrapping bumpers and showing off Instagram photos of perfect corners right?  I’m too old school anyway, no perfectly plotted templates, no wrapping with 3 more people to help you out, no 250 specialty tools, boring really. Who wants to learn how to properly set knifeless tape or practice how to efficiently weed & mask graphics, so boring and tedious.

Well, I need to tell you a few things. One day, just maybe, you will be a lead wrapper or own your own shop somewhere. You will need to train and motivate the people who work for you, guide them, lead them, teach them, and inspire them. One day, you will spend more time looking at a profit-and-loss statement than you do your next car lay. You will miss prepping your kit, making a plan of attack, dry fitting the first side, even sharpening your squeegee edge. You will spend time in marketing meetings, staff meetings, partners meetings, vendor meetings, all kinds of meetings. You will spend more time in the office than you really want to; spend time outside of the shop promoting your business, do marketing, engage in social media, agonize over film and labor costs, kiss your significant other goodbye while they sleep because you have to be at the shop early for some insane reason, and somewhere in there make sure you are delivering top-notch wraps. You will miss weddings, birthday parties, graduations, all kinds of things. You will alienate your friends and family because you don’t write or call enough. There are no sick days, personal days, breaks; this is not like a 9-to-5 job; get over it.

Get ready for years of sacrifice, hard work, and stress. Learn as much as you can, read everything, ask questions, write things down, save your money, show up to work early and offer to stay late, come to work on your day off just to learn how to attack a section differently or watch a new technique video. Try everything you can, over and over, and ask other wrappers so many questions they get annoyed.

Take care of yourself and sleep as much as you can and skip after-work drug/liquor binging, so you wake up ready and on time. Travel and experience another shops if you can, wrap with them, attend the industry events. Learn to appreciate the time you have right now, enjoy the ride, the process, don’t be in a hurry to be the world’s best wrapper or make a lot of money. It’s not about that and it never will be unless you are exceptionally talented and lucky. There is only one Rob Ivers or Marcio Oliveira or Joffrey Van Der Jagt or Dan Antonelli, and they all have worked extremely hard to get where they are and continue to do so. Enjoy all the crap that comes with this life, embrace it, learn to thrive on it.

One day, when you are a wrap shop owner, there will be an epiphany so powerful you will have to sit down. You will understand everything every trainer or former boss yelled at you; you will understand why we work the way we do; you will understand why our profession is so wonderful, so unique, and it will hit you hard. I can’t tell when or where this will happen but I promise you it will if you work hard and keep your head down and do what your more experienced wrap family tells you.

So keep this in mind when I give you a hard time and push you, criticize you and refuse that day-off request. Maybe the next job you have, you will suck it up instead of leaving them short-handed with a 50 vehicle fleet starting the next day.

(Full disclosure & credit that I didn’t originally write this in total.  I sourced the base structure from a respected chef by the name of Marcus Meacham and modified it to fit our wrap industry lives.  The basic premise resonated very strongly with me as I saw it applying so, so well with our wrap journey)

Avery DennisonⓇ Introduces Four New Gloss Supreme Wrapping™ Film Colors That Reflect ‘The Power of Light’

MENTOR, Ohio – April 1, 2021 – Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions (NYSE:AVY) today introduced its Spring 2021 color collection, four exciting new color additions to the company’s Supreme Wrapping™ Film portfolio.

Launched under the theme, The Power of Light, the four premium colors inspire creativity with hidden gradients and mesmerizing sparkle effects. See the thrilling impact of different kinds of light on Gloss Metallic Mystery Black and Gloss Metallic Mysterious Indigo. Marvel at the shifting iridescent shades of ColorFlow™ Gloss Hidden Forest and Gloss Metallic Pride Prismatic Grey.

The Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Film vehicle color change portfolio continues to reflect the latest in automotive color trends. “We are continuously reviewing new pigment innovations to bring color advancements to this portfolio,” said Matt Khanna, product manager, Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions North America. “We’re leveraging global color trends and using these insights for inspiration. These new film colors add to the breadth of our premium portfolio, which features hundreds of colors, textures and sleek accent finishes.”

Outstanding durability and performance are the high standards Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Film continuously sets as one of the world’s leading vehicle wrapping film brands. The Power of Light Spring 2021 color collection delivers excellent conformability around curves and recesses. Easy Apply™ RS adhesive technology makes application simple and fast, and the films are easily removable, even after long term use.

“Gloss films represent one of our most popular color finishes. These new pigment-rich films were created with the wrap designer in mind,” said Abby Monnot, marketing director, Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions North America. “Our spring colors evoke a statement and attitude of uncompromising richness and quality. In particular, both Gloss Hidden Forest, our first addition to the Supreme Wrapping Film ColorFlow line since 2017, and Gloss Metallic Pride Prismatic Grey, push the boundaries of iridescent sheen further for a look that will instantly capture customers’ wants, needs and personalities.”

The four new Supreme Wrapping Film Gloss colors can be viewed and experienced online using the Avery Dennison Car Visualizer Tool.

Find more information about the new colors at graphics.averydennison.com and join the conversation on Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions’ social channels, including Facebook and Instagram.

About Avery Dennison

Avery Dennison Corporation (NYSE: AVY) is a global materials science company specializing in the design and manufacture of a wide variety of labeling and functional materials. The company’s products, which are used in nearly every major industry, include pressure-sensitive materials for labels and graphic applications; tapes and other bonding solutions for industrial, medical, and retail applications; tags, labels and embellishments for apparel; and radio frequency identification (RFID) solutions serving retail apparel and other markets. Headquartered in Glendale, California, the company employs more than 32,000 employees in more than 50 countries. Reported sales in 2020 were $7.0 billion Learn more at www.averydennison.com.


HEXIS LAUNCHES 4 NEW SKINTAC COLORS to add to their cast PVC Wrap Vinyl line with over 250 colors

The SKINTAC HX30000 range is designed to customize vehicles or objects. It consists of a multilayered cast vinyl film and a release liner with structured HEX’Press adhesive for easier application. Gloss, matte, super matte or structured surface finish. Cast vinyl, long-term durability and 250+ colors to choose from. Check out our newest SKINTAC HX30000 colors below:



Honey Comb Black Satin

Wrapped by

Auto Skins Customs




Arabica Copper Chrome Gloss

(available in satin)

Wrapped by

Auto Film Solutions



Lime Green Chrome Gloss

(available in satin)

Wrapped by




Ebony Black Gloss Chrome

Wrapped by

HEXIS Graphics 


Check out www.hexis-graphics.com for more information on our SKINTAC series.

For more information on our SKINTAC Training Courses, go to www.hexisamericas.com or email info@hexisamericas.com.

Wrapmate Releases First of its Kind Ecommerce Platform for Vehicle Graphics Projects 

New reimagined experience provides customers with exact pricing for quality 3M vehicle graphics through a transactional, transparent online platform 


St. Paul, Minn. – March 4, 2021 – In recent years, consumer shopping habits have changed dramatically as customers look for easy ways to purchase goods when and where they want, in-person or online. While eCommerce isn’t new, the pandemic has amplified its adoption, as customers continue to look for convenient and personalized ways to shop for everything from groceries to vehicle wraps, from the comfort and safety of home.


To provide customers with a seamless way to purchase vehicle graphics online, Wrapmate – an end-to-end digital platform for consumers to get their graphic projects designed, printed, and installed – is launching a new, first of its kind, eCommerce experience. Wrapmate’s new proprietary technology allows vehicle wrap customers to receive exact, transparent pricing information for their specific vehicle graphics project before purchase. By leveraging Wrapmate’s patent-pending technology, as well as 3M’s products and history of expertise in the graphics industry, the technology efficiently and effectively brings customers’ graphics projects to life from start to finish.


“We’re thrilled to offer a new experience to vehicle graphics customers built from the ground up including flexible design selection and exact, transparent pricing in real-time prior to purchase,” said Chris Loar, CEO of Wrapmate. “Historically, customers needed to secure an estimate, work with a designer and find a trusted installer on their own. Starting today, we are reimagining the experience. Customers don’t want an estimate, they want an exact price. Now, they can come to Wrapmate, enter in their vehicle details, and get an exact total project price in as little as five clicks which includes the cost of a custom design, print on 3M films, and installation of their vehicle graphics by a local Wrapmate Pro, many of which are a 3M Certified or Preferred Graphics Installer.”


Convenience and Connection Powered by Technology 


Leveraging Wrapmate’s new technology, customers can not only select a design package that fits their needs and their exact vehicle make and model but also know how much the project will cost instantly. By modifying the size of the desired graphics, customers will see the price of their project adjust in real-time, allowing customers to find the best vehicle wrap options for their budget while seeing how the preferred design will look on their vehicle. For each vehicle wrap project, interested customers can use the digital platform to see location-specific pricing and find a 3M Certified or Preferred Graphics Installer for their project. Once customers compare pricing options for different coverage amounts, they can pay for their design online and start the process of bringing their graphics project to life. This patent-pending innovation is a first of its kind for vehicle wrap customers and the graphics industry.

“This new technology from Wrapmate will advance the graphics industry by simplifying and expediting the process, allowing customers to make an informed purchasing decision,” said Adrian Cook, marketing manager, 3M Commercial Solutions Division. “By providing straightforward pricing options and connecting customers directly to 3M Certified and Preferred Graphics Installers in one experience more businesses can be on their way to improving their marketability with custom graphics from the 3M name they trust.”

Customers interested in seeing the total cost for their project and comparing their options can get started today at wrapmate.com.