WrapperMapper Job Board is here!!!

Looking for a new awesome wrap installer, a cutting edge designer or just some short-term project help?  WrapperMapper.com has just released the latest free industry connection resource!


Introducing the WrapperMapper.com JOB BOARD!!!


Wrap Shop employers can post their open positions by multiple common categories… Installer(s), Designer, Production help, Sales and Management.  Shops can also specify if they are looking for Full-Time, Part-Time, Freelancers, Interns OR have a Short-Term Project need.  A secure login dashboard allows tracking of job postings, which applicants have applied and exercise control over your own account settings.


Job Candidates can search for wrap industry specific job postings by several different criteria… location, employment type, duration, job description etc.  while also having the ability to apply for a specific posting right through the page itself.  Signing up as a searching candidate creates a secure dashboard allowing you to create your resume, upload photos and track what positions you have applied for.


All of this is completely FREE as we continue WrapperMapper’s mission to support & connect the wrap industry around the world.


Check out the new features of WrapperMapper.com Job Board right now!!!

Latest improvements make it even easier to find wrap installers

RoadRageDesigns_Vitamin D-ProMarketing your wrap business can be boiled down to a simple formula.  The easier it is for clients to find you, the easier it is to make more sales.  WrapperMapper.com continues to improve and refine our website to accomplish just that.  Check out the new features and improvements designed to help you get more sales…

1. Easier, 1-click, filters make is faster to narrow down your searches by certification program.

2. Your company display has been improved to be more responsive to mobile devices.

3. Social link expansion makes it easier than ever to share your work on the most popular internet sites.

4. Easy, 1-click, directions make is very easy for a potential client to find & map directions to your shop.

Stay tuned for even more new and powerful additions to the WrapperMapper.com maps.

Largest list of graphic installers in the world!

Wrap Installer working on partial bus wrap

Wrap Installer working on partial bus wrap

We are very pleased and humbled to announce that, to our knowledge, we have compiled the single largest, freely available, online resource for wrap installation companies in the world!  To date, we have 475 wrap companies listed in 14 countries.  Simply amazing!

Thanks to you, we have enjoyed an incredible response to the Wrapper Mapper concept.  As a result, we have seen the site grow from a simple internet idea to a practical and useful international resource in less than 6 months.  Wow!

Whether you prefer to work with industry 3M Certified programs, the PDAA Master Certified team of professionals or with independent local installers, we have the list, and the map, that you need.  Need a window graphic installed in Fresno, CA USA?  A cargo van wrapped in Atlanta, GA USA?  A fleet of sales cars decaled in London, UK?  A chain of store barricades wrapped in Sydney Australia?  Check the Map!

So spread the word!  If you need a graphic professionally installed you need the Wrapper Mapper map.  If you ARE a professional graphics installer, get on the Map!  Let’s continue growing and adding the best wrap companies on the planet.

Thanks to everyone and happy wrapping.

RE-DESIGN of the Wrapper Mapper!

cropped-HeaderImage_02-2014_012.jpg   We are now about 5 months out from the birth of the Wrapper Mapper concept.  So far we have enjoyed a great response from the wrap industry and traffic is steadily building to the site.  The map, of course, is the biggest draw but we have also been fortunate in getting some attention from some other industry websites as well as generating views on some of the blog articles here.

The better we spread the word, and the more eyeballs we can get on the map, the better exposure we get for all of the wrap installers on the map.  With this is mind we have just finished some graphical tweaks to the header, free map icon and the Premium Map icon.  This was made possible by the Mike Browne out at TurboWraps.com who was kind enough to spitball some different concepts at us.  I believe we have been able to improve the look of the site which will translate to an easier flow.

Check out the new additions and please help us the spread the Wrapper Mapper by linking to our articles, liking / sharing the different posts and linking to the map itself.

Happy wrapping all!

New Icon on Map for Wrapper Mapper Premium Members


The Wrapper Mapper is pleased to announce a new perk for all of our premium members.  In addition to the Contact Info, Live Web Links, Social Media tools and the customized Photo Gallery, we have now created a new custom map icon.

Here are the details…

1. The icon displays on every map view (both Home Page and the Big Map).

2. The icon is larger in size than the Free Listing which creates a more dominating map view.

3. The icon displays the “Premium Member” status.

4. The icon sets the Premium Members apart, creating a more visual indication that they are easily contacted thru the map.

This continues the goal of creating even more value for the shops choosing to upgrade to the Premium level for the incredibly low price of $8.33 per month.  We believe that this improvement builds on our desire to provide overwhelming benefits for the wrap shops and it helps keep the website self-sustaining.

Sign Up Here for your Premium Listing.

Thanks to Core Graphics in Tallahassee, FL for the excellent idea and their ongoing participation in the success of the WrapperMapper.com

Beta Launch for WrapperMapper.com

Wow, all I can say is this is rolling fast, fast, fast.  What was initially an idea to help myself find other professional wrappers has turned into a sizable project.

So, the whole concept here is to just make it a lot easier for professional wrap installers to be found.  We all typically use maps when looking for potential vendors and it just made sense to put an actual map together to solve the problem.  If a print house in New York needs to find a 3M Certified Wrap Installation Company in Baton Rouge Louisiana… now they can…  easy… in about 5 seconds.

If a local franchise in Miami FL has just received a box of graphics, and they have no idea what to do with it, they can search their Zip Code and find all of the PDAA Master Certified guys within 50 miles… in about 5 seconds.

Wrap Installers, Print Houses, Sign Shops, Print Providers and end wrap customers can all use WrapperMapper.com to more easily connect with the guys who know what they are doing.