How to qualify a wrap shop (or, in other words, is the wrapper any good)?

Over a many years of experience wrapping we have some common questions that a wrap buyer should take time to ask.  A wrap is a custom made product and is not a mass-produced item bought off a shelf.  As such, wraps are created by craftsmen who are personally and closely linked with the quality of their offerings.  When connecting the purchaser of a custom product with the maker of a custom product it is vital to educate and communicate in a way that keeps both parties on the same page.  Nobody likes being disappointed in their expectations and nobody likes thousand dollar surprises (on either side). 


Dedicated Shop / Facility? Has this business dedicated time & money to creating a controlled & professional environment for providing wraps?

Full Time or Part Time? Is this a professional who feeds his/her family perfecting their craft or a hobbyist looking for extra money on the side?  The motivations and vested interest in delivering a quality product can certainly be effected by the answer to this question.

What specific films are they using? A professional wrapper should know precisely the vinyl films they are using and why. They should know the difference between low-cost calendared films and higher priced cast films. They should know the differences and pros/cons of each when it comes to cost, conformability, durability and longevity.

Are they using manufactured specified and matched products? A proper (and warranted) product must be produced using correctly matched manufacturer films. Mixing & matching components may lower the cost but will also lower the quality and destroy any potential warranty claim.

Does the wrap shop provide examples of the specific colors?  A custom printed wrap for a commercial project should have a Live Proof for color approvals and a color change wrap should be tied to the manufacturer’s color ship book(s).

Certified Installers? (Just attending a class does not equal certified). A certified installer has to demonstrably prove their ability to properly install using the manufacturers film(s). Plenty of experienced and competent installers do not have a recognized certification; however, they are not able to claim a manufacturer’s warranty if an issue arises. So, not a deal breaker (especially if the shop has an excellent reputation) but a question certainly worth asking.

Fully bonded & insured? Any damage or issues that may arise with your project will be incredibly difficult to resolve if the shop you choose does not have full coverage. No insurance should be a big red flag.

What is their current workload / how long to get the wrap done? Wraps require specialized products, time to process and prepare those products, time to prep the vehicle and, of course, time to do the wrap installation itself. These all impact schedules and a reputable shop should have a clear & reliable picture of their current capabilities.  Now the choice is yours… is the best shop in town worth waiting an extra few weeks…?

Do they require you to fully & thoroughly wash the vehicle before arriving? (they should… experienced wrappers do not like wasting hours of valuable time scrubbing bugs and road grime off your vehicle before they can start their work).

Do they warn you about potential issues regarding temperature extremes? In the winter, ambient temperatures will negatively affect bonding. Reputable shops will insist on making sure the vehicle stays in a controlled environment before heading out.

Do they back up their work? What is their policy if something fails, pops loose or peels back? Note, we are not talking about external damage or failure to maintain the wrap here. A wrap shop can not be expected to be responsible for events outside their control.

Is there a clear understanding that a wrap is NOT paint? Vinyl wraps are, by their very nature, a covering going over stable surfaces.  The films have thickness as well as limits to flexibility and ability to stretch.  Contrary to common misconceptions, the thickness of a wrap film does NOT cover-up surface damage / chips / dings /dents etc.  A wrap will actually make that area more noticeable because it is adding a little bit MORE size to the problem.

Does the shop clearly explain how to maintain your wrap?  The local weather, road conditions, washing techniques and even the direction you park each day can effect the life of your wrap.  

Can I see example(s) of your work that is more than 6 months old? An excellent way to gauge a wrapper’s work is to get a personal look at a project wrapped at least 6 months prior.  Look for details like un-wrinkled corners, absence of bubbles/dirt/debris under the vinyl, no failed recesses, clean/straight trims, perfectly controlled seams if present, no white-out or obviously stressed areas, and check for edges that would be typically hidden.  


Yes, I know, it’s a lot to take in.  Custom products are simply more complicated by their nature.  That being said, it is in everyone’s best interest to be as informed and knowledgeable as possible.  We all win in the end.  Keep Wrapping!


BODYFENCE is the world’s fastest growing high-quality paint protection and it is now available at the world’s largest wrap supply company, FELLERS.

Thanks to its revolutionary “X” Technology, BODYFENCEX features the following benefits:

  • Instant self-healing with ambient temperature
  • Increased resistance to stains with a super hydrophobic top layer
  • High-gloss shine and optically clear film
  • Also offered in clear matte and opaque black gloss

Warranties are available between 10 years (BODYFENCE and BODYFENCEM) and Lifetime (BODYFENCEX, BODYFENCEP and BFBLACK) against yellowing and cracking.

With over 57 locations, Fellers will be able to serve you with all of your BODYFENCE (paint protection film) needs!

“HEXIS BODYFENCE is our go to PPF for our entire PPF operation. It’s great for our installers because it cold stretches great, adhesive is strong. Our customers love it because it’s self-healing, optically clear and super, super glossy. With the options to have 7 mil, 8 mil, gloss, matte and black, it covers all of our bases in our offerings for PPF. We have used HEXIS PPF for over 7 years, so it has been time tested with our shop. Lifetime warranties murder the competition and give our clients peace of mind knowing the manufacturer stands behind the product.”

– Kevin Yu with Auto Film Solutions / Certified BODYFENCE Installer


Searching for BODYFENCE PPF training courses? Check out the link below for upcoming dates and details:

For more information on BODYFENCE (paint protection film), visit us at : | |

Wrappers!!! Get more lines in the water!

Its a random Monday morning and an email came into my inbox today which sparked an idea for an encouraging blog post.

I believe that most wrappers understand that we are a bit of a rare breed.  A strange mix of artist, craftsperson and business person.  We love to create but also have an intense desire to succeed financially for our business, our employees and our family.  We love competition but also seem to revel in the camaraderie and support of our fellow wrappers all across the world.  That strange, and sometimes counterintuitive, view of our industry leads to the various ways we see and operate in marketing our wrap shops.

Some common questions… Should you focus your marketing strictly efforts on your local market area or devote time & resources to pursuing a more national image?  What certification should you get and which one will bring in the most business?  What should you do with social media or is it even worth it?  Should you get involved with local car shows.. compete in wrap competitions… join a prestigious networking organization…?

Yes, it can be a bit much.

Here’s the thing though.  When you think back in your life you will probably notice that pretty much all of your business is cyclical.  For months we can find our good leads coming from the PDAA and then that dries up for a bit.  Meanwhile 3M’s certified installations start popping again or the Avery Dennison CWI network could be pinging away.  Your personal local book of business goes starts doing some cool things but then your involvement in the UASG starts bringing in some good leads.  Your participation in WRAPSCON’s Wrap Olympics, WrapGlove’s Wraps LIVE or a a global competition with the FESPA World Wrap Masters links you up with other shops who need help.

And another thing, how in the world do you get social media to work for you!?  While there are a number of strategies here are a couple of tips.  Number one, directly TAG the photo itself AND tag the comment you write.  Tag the film manufacturer you used, tag the client, tag the installer who did the work, the photographer etc.  You can also tag those of us who have dedicated time and a platform to help promote wraps!  Tag @wrappermapper, @thewrappromoter, @wrapfolio @paintisdead, @wrapchannel etc.

Another way to increase your chances of being seen and re-posted is make sure you are showing off your projects as best you can.  A focus on high quality, professional grade, well produced photos / videos will go a long way.

DO: Make sure you have a clean, well-staged, well lit, uncluttered composition with interesting angles

DO: Take the time to work out and create images that show off the wrap film itself as well as the project

DO: Let us know if a particular photographer, designer etc. should be credited for work. We love promoting all aspects of a well produced wrap job. (give us proper tags to use)

DON’T: Send in photos of a dirty shop, cluttered backgrounds, unwashed cars etc.

DON’T: Submit images with big branding on the photos. We will ensure you are properly tagged and credited for the content.

Ultimately, the more lines we have in the water the more fish we catch right?


Avery DennisonⓇ Launches Revolutionary neo™ and Supreme Defense™ Paint Protection Films

MENTOR, Ohio – August 27, 2020 – Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions (NYSE:AVY) today announced the introduction of two new paint protection film (PPF) lines — neo™ and Supreme Defense™ — that protect the vehicle surface from stone chips, road debris, insect stains and weathering while also enabling designers to create dramatic customized looks.

Avery Dennisonneo™ is a wet apply, solid color PPF line of films with a unique polyurethane and adhesive technology that gives vehicles an exceptionally smooth OEM-paint-like finish while protecting the surface from harmful daily elements. The design possibilities are endless with this uniquely 3D conformable film. Installers can create special effects and accents or transform the roof and the hood for a two-tone look.

The first color in the product line, neo noir, is a distinctive black film with noticeable color depth and a rich black pigment. Installers and owners alike will delight in neo noir’s ultra-high gloss finish and excellent adhesion.

“We created the neo line with vehicle owners, PPF dealers and of course vehicle wrap installers all in mind. We look forward to a new wave of wrap and design artistry and an expanded market for paint protection films, starting with neo noir,” said Abby Monnot, marketing director, Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions North America.

The new Avery DennisonⓇ  Supreme Defense™ matte film combines the same exceptional paint protection with a totally different visual effect. This high quality polyurethane film is specially designed to preserve and protect a flat factory finish, but designers can also use it to transform high-gloss OEM paint to achieve a dramatic new look.

Both neo noir and Supreme Defense matte have a self-healing top coat that absorbs impact from scratches and debris, and both provide long-term durability of up to 5 years.

“We’ve heard for a while about the need for an accent film with an OEM paint-like finish, particularly when it comes to black,” Monnot continued. “We also know that many shops are adding paint protection film or wrapping film to their business models. These new lines merge an opaque finish with paint protection film to create solutions in form, function and artistry that the industry has been looking for.”

To complement the neo and Supreme Defense paint protection films, Avery Dennison continues to offer the Vehicle Design Template (VDT) Cutting Software, a proprietary software with thousands of pre-cut templates to maximize performance for an exact fit you can trust. VDT Software is available at a low monthly subscription price.  Browse the template library for free at

Find more information about the new Paint Protection Films at, and join the conversation on Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions’ social channels, including Facebook and Instagram, and by following the hashtag ADneo.

The sleek, matte finish and self-healing topcoat of Avery Dennison Supreme Defense™ delivers form, function, and artistry to paint protection film applications.

Avery Dennison Supreme Defense™ matte Paint Protection Film protects and transforms an OEM paint high-gloss finish into a dramatic new visual effect.

HEXIS Pink Glitter Gloss

Check out the new HEXIS Skintac Series films


HEXIS SKINTAC SERIES – HX20000 & HX30000:  Cast color-change multilayered PVC vinyl with HEX’Press air-release vinyl.  Over 150 colors!



Photo & wrap by Yiannimize, using HEXIS HX30SCH09B Turquoise Chrome Gloss

Photo & wrap by Yiannimize, using HEXIS HX30SCH09B Turquoise Chrome Gloss


The SKINTAC HX30000 range is designed to customize vehicles or objects. It consists of a multilayered cast vinyl film and a release liner with structured HEX’Press adhesive for easier application.  Gloss, matte, super matt, textures, and chromes!



Photo & Wrap by Unknown, using HX20RINB Indian Pink Glitter Gloss

Photo & Wrap by Unknown, using HX20RINB Indian Pink Glitter Gloss


The HX20000 consists of a multilayered cast PVC film and a release liner with structured HEX’Press adhesive. The product is specially designed for full wraps. Thanks to its thickness it preserves its colour even under strong deformation. It is convenient and effortless to apply and remove. The HX20000 makes application easy thanks to its structured adhesive that facilitates air-egress.  Gloss, matte, satin, glitters, and metallics!



HEXIS Website:

HEXIS Distributor Locator:


The Dunning-Kruger Effect… OR why bad wrappers think they are good.

Of course the same headline could apply to a designer, your staff salesperson or your shop’s competition accross town. We all have experienced this completely sureal situation which is both plainly obvious to us but, for some bizarre reason, is completely unseen from the indidviual who is convinced they have everything on lock.

Frank is a wrapper at a standard graphics company. One of the great, local small businesses that serve their community every day. Frank, at best, is an average performer; his wraps are constantly riddled with wrinkles, popped air pockets and poor registrations. Frank’s trim work is crooked with a dash of wavy edges, overstretched surfaces, inconsistent seams, corners are a mess and mismatched overlaps… so, not so good.

Frank’s wrapping skills; unfortunately, are not his worse attribute. His manager his constantly annoyed and frustrated by the fact the Frank is absolutely convinved that he is a great wrapper. He has even gone so far as to argue that he is one of the best wrappers in the city if not the country. In Frank’s mind all other’s efforts pale in comparison to his skills and competence.

We have all, at some time in our life, been exposed to someone who’s performance is just plain awful but they are somehow convinced they are putting out stellar results. Most likely what you have seen in action is the Dunning-Kruger Effect.

In an excerpt from a Forbes article, the Dunning-Kruger Effect was “Coined in 1999 by then-Cornell psychologists David Dunning and Justin Kruger, the eponymous Dunning-Kruger Effect is a cognitive bias whereby people who are incompetent at something are unable to recognize their own incompetence. And not only do they fail to recognize their incompetence, they’re also likely to feel confident that they actually are competent.”

From our point of view, Franks’s wrapping skills need a lot of improvement. If Frank saw his deficiencies, he would be able to fix them, he wouldn’t fight constructive criticism of his wrapping, and, frankly, he wouldn’t be so frustrating to deal with.

Unfortunately, according to the Forbes article “we know from the more than 10,000 people who’ve taken the online quiz “How Do You React To Constructive Criticism?” that only 39% of employees handle constructive criticism by systematically dissecting every step leading up to the thing they just got criticized for. They don’t freak out or fight the feedback, instead, they want to understand and correct the underlying issues. Now, it’s not guaranteed that the other 61% are ensconced in Dunning-Kruger, but it’s worth being concerned that they may receive feedback similarly to Frank.

The irony of the Dunning-Kruger Effect is that, Professor Dunning notes, “the knowledge and intelligence that are required to be good at a task are often the same qualities needed to recognize that one is not good at that task—and if one lacks such knowledge and intelligence, one remains ignorant that one is not good at that task.”

The 1999 paper that launched the Dunning-Kruger Effect was called “Unskilled and unaware of it: how difficulties in recognizing one’s own incompetence lead to inflated self-assessments.” Across 4 studies, Professor Dunning and his team administered tests of humor, grammar, and logic. And they found that participants scoring in the bottom quartile grossly overestimated their test performance and ability. For example, in one of the studies, Cornell undergrads took a 20-item grammar test. After completing the test, the students estimated how their ability to “identify grammatically correct standard English” compared with others. And as you might expect, the lowest scoring students grossly overestimated their abilities. Those who scored at the 10th percentile (i.e. they scored higher than only 10% of others) rated their grammar abilities at the 67th percentile. In essence, their actual grammar ability was really poor, but they thought they were in the top third of people.

And it’s not just college kids; you can find examples of the Dunning-Kruger Effect everywhere. One study of high-tech firms discovered that 32-42% of software engineers rated their skills as being in the top 5% of their companies. A nationwide survey found that 21% of Americans believe that it’s ‘very likely’ or ‘fairly likely’ that they’ll become millionaires within the next 10 years. Drivers consistently rate themselves above average. Medical technicians overestimate their knowledge in real-world lab procedures. In a classic study of faculty at the University of Nebraska, 68% rated themselves in the top 25% for teaching ability, and more than 90% rated themselves above average (which I’m sure you’ll notice is mathematically impossible).”

So, what do you do when faced with a “Frank”?

If the offender is another shop then you just have to shrug and walk away. Nothing you say would be accepted and any disruption of the mental bubble will immediately be construed as an “attack” by all the “haters”… literally a zero win scenario.

If “Frank” is in your own organization then you are going to have to start carefully exploring your options depending on your own willingness to work with the individual. Perhaps there is a glimmer of hope and you can get them enagaged in some fun in-shop competitions, do some personal one-on-one technique training or have them regularly sit down and watch some of Justin Pate / The Wrap Institute videos.

Of course there is also the final path and you can walk Frank to the door. Good shops have to be good teams and an unchanging attitude like Frank’s is a guaranteed way to failure.

“Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.” – Confucius

“The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know.” – Albert Einstein

TWI Live with Alltak Tuning in Fortaleza Brazil

It was a party. It was a hands on demonstration. It was a collection of wrappers, with spouses and children all enjoying their love of being together… it was a TWI Live.

According to Justin Pate, founder of The Wrap Institute, the event was described this way… “TWI Live in Fortaleza in partnership with Alltak Tuning was simply a super fun wrap party this year. The concept behind every TWI Live event is to celebrate both the world of wraps and local installers and distributors. For the official wrap demos I worked with Dimas Brazil (TWI Trainer), Thiago (Alltak) and Luiz “alemão” (Luukfilm) who are considered the top installers and instructors in Brazil. The crowd was a mix of great Brazilian installers, family, distributors and other people who are involved in the wrap world. This mix, along with great burgers, drinks and a super tight live rock band made for a festive atmosphere to say the least. At the beginning of the event I had the idea to wrap the back window and let people sign it to tag the event. To see all those signatures at the end of the day was extra special. I can’t wait to do it again next year and big thanks to everyone from Alltak for making it happen and to Wrapper Mapper for taking such great pics as always.”

Huge thanks to the Alltak Tuning team and The Wrap Institute for having us out! It is always such a pleasure watching the wrap industry progress and come together around the world.

Keep your eyes open for the next TWI Live… maybe coming to a city near you… Until next enjoy this great re-cap video.

WrapperMapper adds the new ORAFOL Vehicle Wrap Certification system & wrappers!

The ORAFOL Vehicle Wrap Certification Course is a comprehensive two-day course. We know the installer’s time is extremely valuable, so ORAFOL has developed a more effective and efficient opportunity to be respectful of not only their time, but the investment being made in continuing their education and professional accolades.  

We realize that many installers aren’t simply “installers”, but someone who also wears the proverbial hats of – customer service, human resources, sales and marketing, project manager, production manager, designer, etc.

When an installer arrives to our course, they’ll begin by taking a deep dive into gleaning more product knowledge, and gaining a better grasp on the product specification and how they can guide their customer or team through this process and achieve the best possible outcome. They’ll follow this session up with business insights designed to help them communicate better, and be more attuned to selling and marketing strategies. This always ends up being a very collaborative time, where everyone shares experiences and the discussions get pretty deep. On the flipside to this, installers that come in and think they’re only “installers”, now feel more confident and are better armed to be that bridge between the client and the wrap shop’s sales team. How often are installers out on a job site, and get approached by the client? Typically, there’s an opportunity for that installer to upsell or cross-promote a service his or her company may offer. Wrap shops should empower their installers to develop their business aptitude to feel more confident out in the field.

Once we wrap up the classroom portion (pun intended), we head into the hands on portion of the course. We keep these classes pretty small, so each installer gets more one-on-one time with our head trainer to help fine-tune their already expert skills. There’s always an opportunity to learn something new, or a new technique, so it’s important to come to this course with an open mind. This also ends up being a very collaborative time amongst all the installers. Everyone that goes through the course wants one-another to succeed, and it’s truly impressive watching these installers connect and share tips and tricks with one-another.

Day two is totally dedicated to the hands on certification exam. We run the installer through a variety of application scenarios, where they’re judged on efficiency, finishing, and final outcome. The installer will be working through solid color change material applications along with commercial printed and laminated graphics. Once they pass this piece, they’ll soon receive their at-home training modules and written exam to finalize their ORAFOL Vehicle Wrap Certification Course experience.

Benefits of becoming an ORAFOL Certified Vehicle Wrap Installer:

  • Receive business referrals from ORAFOL via website and program listings
  • Receive business referrals from ORAFOL Certified Installer Network
  • Become highly proficient and knowledgeable in the application of ORAFOL Wrap Products
  • Possible Brand Ambassador at future ORAFOL events
  • Possible feature on ORAFOL Installer showcase webpages
  • Improve customer confidence with ORAFOL certification
  • Interact and network with the industry’s top vehicle wrap installers

Sign-Up Here to Register for Classes and Certification Testing.

Certified ORAFOL Trainer Bios:

Marcos Pereira – Wrap Specialties

Woodbridge, NJ

Wrap Specialties on Instagram

Marcos brings a new excitement to the ORAFOL professional training classes in 2019.  Working daily within his own company, on commercial, and custom projects, Marcos applies a very real world approach to training, not only sharing what you need to know about installations, but what customers are looking for in your shop, and the services you offer.

Marcos brings over a decade of wrap, and vinyl application experience, and nearly every manufacturer certification that exists.

Additionally a founding member and current board member, of Paint is Dead, an active member of Masters of Branding, and now a partner in ORAFOL’s professional training classes, Marcos is excited to bring his experience to wrap training classes across the Americas.

Knowledge, experience, and a practical approach to learning, all wrapped up in a class built for the most qualified installers in the industry!

Dan Bulat – Element Graphics & Designs Inc.

Mokena, IL

Element Graphics & Designs on Instagram

Dan Bulat started in the Graphic business 27 years ago as a one-man business.  After graduating from college with a BA in Graphic Design and Business, he decided to turn his two passions into a business, combining Graphic Design and Vehicles.  From the very beginning, the majority of work coming in was for signs and banners.  However, that did not stop Dan from continuing to pursue the vehicle market.  He tirelessly taught himself to install lettering and graphics on vehicles.  Working toward his main goal of opening his own shop, Dan moved his business out of his house, purchased a brand-new building and continued building what has now become Element Graphics and Design, Inc., a very successful Graphic shop, specializing in Fleet vehicles.  Dan and his staff of installers hold several industry certifications.

In 2015 Dan started a wrap tool company called Magstrapz.  He is the creator of the Magstrapz, Magbandz and MagGripz wrapping tools.  Dan saw a need for these products in his own shop and felt that the industry would benefit from them as well.  Today Magstrapz brand are being sold to wrappers worldwide.

Dan’s passion for the industry brought him to become involved with ORAFOL and all aspects related to growing and educating the wrapping industry.

Krystal Miszewski – Candy Wraps

Maitland, FL

Candy Wraps on Instagram

Krystal Miszewski is a professional vinyl graphics installer who has partnered with ORAFOL to bring her techniques directly to those passionate about installing. After spending nearly a decade as a freelance installer in over 150 shops across the world, Krystal recognizes the vital connection between shops and installers requiring clear communication, understanding and an overall passion for what we do in this industry.

She recently represented the United States with several other well-known vehicle wrap installers in the Nations Wrap Cup in Dusseldorf, Germany where they finished in 2nd place out of 16 teams!

Krystal has been featured in print and broadcast outlets, as well as several industry certifications. As owner of Candy Wraps, she takes commercial installs to the next level using industry leading techniques for time efficiency and longevity of product.

Wade Davis – Image Graphics

Pompano Beach, FL

Image Graphics on Instagram

Owner/Founder of Image Graphics a company started in the early 90’s primarily offering installations throughout the Graphics industry. Member of the formally (PDAA) and Vice President prior to its conversion to the now SGIA installers Group. VIP Master certified through the SGIA. One of the first Companies to be 3M certified and Member of the USAG since 1997. Orafol Certified and instructor for the Professional Wrap Acadamy since 2003. Experienced in over 100,000 installations over a 30 year career First ever bus wrap 1992. First ever vehicle wrap 1992. First ever train wrap 1995. First ever plane wrap 1997. First ever Boat wrap 2003.

3M Collaborates with Wrapmate to Provide Print-Ready Customers to Graphic Professionals

Exclusive collaboration simplifies customer throughput and builds awareness of brand impact

ST PAUL, Minn. – September 10, 2019 – Business owners today are faced with a wide variety of challenges to stand out from the competition, including the growing emphasis on creating a recognizable and impactful visual identity. To support customers in achieving their vision, graphic professionals spend precious time creating vehicle wrap design mockups to help determine the look and feel that will best tell the brand story. This can be a time-consuming process that also runs the risk of creating design mockups that don’t always come to fruition.

3M is excited to announce a strategic collaboration with Wrapmate to help businesses improve their brand’s visibility through high quality vehicle graphics and ultimately help graphic professionals find more customers.

Wrapmate is an online platform where business owners can visualize their brand on a vehicle by simply using their business’s website address. Wrapmate uses the URL to scan the website for branded visuals such as logos and imagery and within seconds, a vehicle wrap design is created. This service helps business owners understand what a vehicle wrap would look like in a 3D environment and builds excitement by offering tools for the user to better understand the impact that vehicle graphics have on the awareness of their business.

“Our innovative technology combined with 3M’s innovative film products allow for a great dynamic between our two businesses,” said Chris Loar, Founder & CEO of Wrapmate. “3M is the perfect fit for a strategic collaboration. We couldn’t be more excited about working together to grow the graphics industry.”

Business owners can also take the next step of bringing the visual to life by working with Wrapmate, who will interface directly with experienced graphic professionals within the 3M network to complete the job. 3M™ Certified Graphics Installation Companies and 3M™ Preferred Graphics Installers within the Wrapmate Pro network can execute these print-ready jobs and get the opportunity to work with new customers to further build their brands.

“The collaboration between 3M and Wrapmate opens the door to new business opportunities for graphic professionals and saves them time so they can focus on creating impactful transformations,” said Troy Kilfoyl of 3M Commercial Solutions Division. “By joining forces with Wrapmate, we are hoping to provide a creative solution to make the vehicle wrap design process easier for graphic professionals and more engaging for businesses everywhere.” Graphic manufacturers can now spend more time focusing on doing great work and less time worrying about customer acquisition.

WrapStock PR – A free, online, wrap visualizer takes off!

Design first! Wrapstock® is starting up a revolutionary project for the automotive wrap industry.

Owners of passenger vehicles, companies or enthusiasts who like to check out beautiful cars – pay attention! The new platform Wrapstock® is born. With Wrapstock® designers from around the world can engage in providing hundreds of original wrap designs. We make it possible for the creation of simple stripe looks to more complex and textural wrap designs in a centralized, web-based place where you can select a design for your car.
Project creator, Martin Tureček (co-founder of the worldwide network of WrapStyle franchises) explains… “We have built this virtual warehouse of design wraps around real-life and long-term experiences of our wrapping companies. The goal is to make the design process a simple, fast and affordable variant for anyone wanting to quickly change the appearance of his or her vehicle. We have made the design system and designs as variable and applicable as possible for nearly every vehicle model”
You can select a new design without limits after registering for free. And what if one of them really excites you and you simply have to have it? “Just download it and have it printed on wrapping foil/film and wrap a vehicle. As the general partner of the project, we, therefore, selected the best of the best, Avery Dennison,” Martin revealed.
For more demanding clients who have not found the right design from the catalog, we offer the option of creating a completely custom-made design. “We also invite designers around the world to the platform who can offer their designs here. The aim is for Wrapstock® to thrive and so that there would be something new here every time. Our ambition is to create a worldwide community of trend setters,” explained Martin.
And another innovation confirming their work in this is being prepared for the near future – a virtual showroom. As the name implies, thanks to the possibilities of virtual reality, you can confirm with your own eyes if a particular wrap will really fit your car. Everything new begins with a design, so our motto is Design first. And we live up to it,” said Martin in conclusion.