TeckWrap: The Fashion Hunter – Introducing new trendy colors

As one of the fashion pioneers in the auto wrap industry, TeckWrap knows well that car wraps are time-sensitive and trends can change quickly in the market. Thus, it continues to launch brand-new designs and colors every three months to keep up with the rapid-changing tendency.

Recently, TeckWrap continues rolling out a series of fresh colors in its Satin Metallic (SMT) and Super Gloss (CG-HD) selections. Fashionistas can choose from glistening classic and glossy paint-like colors to waxy and subtle satin finishes.

Better-than-paint!  The Super Gloss wrap films that TeckWrap launches in this series are nothing like before. Every color is covered and double-protected with a plastic liner, presenting a shining oil-slick surface that is outstanding enough to turn heads, looking even better than paint.

Beauty that can’t hide, unlike this swanky style, the Satin Metallic series is unique in other ways. From light colors to deep ones, every wrap comes with a smooth and silk-like finish reflecting distinctive metallic shine, humbly outpouring its elegance.

Both series provide wrap lovers with more-than-enough options. Whether traditional or wild, you will find a color that suits your taste. You can even craft a unique design using a combination of different materials. Quite a few precedents have proved the success of the strong visual impact in this way.

Rigorous quality control applies to whichever style you create with the TeckWrap products, you can wrap with confidence. As the company develops further and consistently pursues high quality, TeckWrap continues perfecting its Renolit-based raw materials.

With the strict quality control driven by user experience, all vinyl wrap film products meet the standard to the following characteristics:
 Easy to apply
 Flexible to conform
 Long durability
 Safe to remove

Start the stress-free experience
You can feel free to work with TeckWrap materials. The brand has developed a solid worldwide network, with warehouses across the globe, ensuring fast delivery. For USA customers , TeckWrap even offers free domestic shipping on orders of full 18-meter (59ft, 19yds). Find your favorite color and learn more at teckwrap.com.



BFBLACK is an opaque black adhesive-coated polyurethane paint protection film, which is self-healing at ambient temperature and specially developed for decorating, protecting metal roofs of cars, and can also be used for full PPF wrapping. Its excellent shock-absorbing properties protect your bodywork against stone chips, scratches, UV rays, insects, etc. 

With the same “X” technology as BODYFENCEX, BFBLACK offers the following features:

  • Self-healing at ambient temperature
  • Shock-absorbing properties protect your bodywork against insects, scratches and stone chips
  • Enhanced hydrophobic effect
  • Extra glossy surface finish with no orange peel


For more information, please visit:  www.bodyfence.net | www.hexis-graphics.com

For pricing and purchasing, contact your local Distributor:



Le Wrap Day – A day of wrapping and sharing for 2021

The company Adforme located in Heyrieux, France has been organizing a very special event since 2013.  Le Wrap Day is an event that brings together wrappers from all across Europe.  The premise of Le Wrap Day is focused on community, rather than competition, and is a dedicated time of sharing cool projects.

According to Adforme owner & Le Wrap Day founder Benoit Jacquelin, “This year we brought in an incredible Chevy COE from the United States in order to make a show car.  The bodywork and interior have been restored and modified by Garage Ollier who took over 250 man hours to complete the work.  Since January 2 graphic designers (Féroce Graphics and Graphikustoms) have worked together for a super cool design.  Working together, the entire team, then made material choices to give relief: the black background is in 3M IJ 480 Matte, the red in 3M IJ480 Gloss with some additional gold chrome for awesome effect.  The wings are in 3M 2080 Frozen Vanilla, with Arlon Illuminite cut out.  The bucket received 3M DI-NOC for a wood effect.  We also used Avery Chrome Gold for the front.”

12 Wrappers came from all over France, Switzerland and Germany to carry out this very technical project (120 hours of installation accumulated).  It was also an opportunity to discuss the job, share tips and have a good time with enthusiasts and prepare  The next Edition which will take place in 2022 with full teams as well as adding an excellent American team?

APA – Gloss Olso Blue with UltraJet Technology

There is some exciting news! APA is releasing Oslo Blue in the super gloss finish! This color is inspired by the alluring dark blue in the sky seen at night in the Norweigen capital! The elegant Oslo Blue is captivating and mysterious. Having this timeless color on your vehicle is like having two colors because during the day the color is bright, but in the night shadow the color is dark! Oslo Blue is a color that is peaceful with lots of depth to it! The stunning Oslo Blue is the newest addition to our America Edition, which is made exclusively for our American customers! If you want your car to stand out, you need to wrap it in this breathtaking color!

Gloss Oslo Blue is made APA’s new Ultrajet Technology! This technology is designed to make the wrapping much more effective and efficient. Ultrajet technology is made with a Pressure Sensitive Adhesive, which makes the installation process of the material much easier and faster.  The UltraJet technology also has a Slidablity feature, which assists in gliding the vinyl wrapping film material to a specific position. APA’s Ultrajet technology works great on both flat and curved surfaces!

Get your Sample Kit Here!

APA – Gloss Oslo Blue wrap project with UltraJet Technology

A wrapped twelve story building… 3M headquarters made it happen.

Jeff Roosa, owner of DPI Graphics, was able to live a dream when he was selected to lead up an amazing coordinated wrap installation for 3M Headquarters in Saint Paul, Minnesota USA in August this year.  Together with his handpicked crew of, Matt Sorg, Carl Brewer, Sergio Yakobchak and Ben Anderson, the installation team worked 24 hours a day for three days straight in 8 hour shifts to complete the project.  To make matters even more interesting, the shape of the building required a custom powered scaffolding while the sheer massive size of the work required a highly detailed grid pattern to keep the hundreds of individually produced panels organized and efficient.

This monumental effort was scheduled to coincide with the 2018 3M Discovering Transformations Media Day.

Attendees of the event were invited to the 3M headquarters in St. Paul, Minnesota for a chance to hear about industry trends, upcoming products as well as new and innovative technologies. The day consisted of a keynote presentation from Peter Elliot on “Impactful Transformations”, and a panel discussion with 3M experts. Guests had the opportunity to tour 3M’s Innovation Center and the Carlton Science Center, as well as participate in hands-on demonstrations with 3M products including Wrap Film Series 1080, Safety and Security Film, 3M Graphics Hub and Envision Print Wrap Film 480mC. Additionally, attendees got a front-row view of the new 12-story building wrap itself.  “Curiosity is just the beginning” was the wrap message as it coincides with the 3M mission to encourage everyone to begin to look at every surface as a canvas.


Chase Graphics wraps trailer for Lawn Sense


The folks out at Chase Graphics were pleased to be given the opportunity to help out a local landscaping company.  Sending out crews in a nice sized trailer seems like a such a waste if said trailer is not fully proclaiming the brand.

According to owner Charles Chase, Lawn Sense uses the trailer to promote and service their cutting & fertilization program.  Charles and his staff were able to develop a nice full wrap concept for Lawn Sense and put their plan into action.  Using their previous work on the Lawn Sense truck fleet they were able to bring in the existing branding and keep the trailer in line with the corporate identity.

The wrap was designed in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and was produced on 3M ControlTac cv3 film with 3M 8519 Luster Laminate.

Nice work Chase Graphics.

Bluemedia Goes Global!

Bluemedia Goes Global

Bluemedia Goes Global

Although headquartered in Tempe, AZ, bluemedia’s reach truly spans the globe. When IO was faced with a vital signage project that needed to be completed for their new data center in Singapore, they turned to bluemedia. Outfitting a facility for its Grand Opening half way across the globe was no small undertaking. Project highlights included wall murals, print and cut decals, over-sized museum mounts, as well a bevy of dimensional acrylic.

When working globally, it is absolutely crucial that you “think globally”. Language barriers, time zones, on-site management, and localized logistics are just a few of the many variables that have to be accounted for. With a little help from our trusted friends at 3M, bluemedia’s Strategic Accounts Team, led by R.J. Orr, Jason Allard, and Shane Furey, successfully pulled off a project that required pinpoint precision and flawless execution on all fronts.

For a company such as IO with locations all across the globe, maintaining globally consistent graphics from location to location is absolutely crucial in maintaining the integrity of their brand’s image. Ultimately, bluemedia found a way to deliver on that promise by doing all that was necessary in order to execute the production and installation of signage both companies could be proud of.

See the full article with project photos at the Bluemedia Blog

Wrap Project Feature – 12-Point SignWorks – Franklin, TN USA

12-Point SignWorks - Robertson Family Water wrap project

12-Point SignWorks – Robertson Family Water wrap project

When Robertson Family Water asked 12-Point SignWorks to design a new wrap and yard signs for them they dove right in (pun intended).  The request was for something a little different and fun while still looking corporate and professional.  12-Point SignWorks wanted to stay true to the Robertson Family brand but also make it look crisper, cleaner, and more vibrant.

The 12-Point SignWorks designers wanted to create a high-definition look for the vehicle so they split the design work between several different design programs.  Most of the images, like the water, bubbles and filters, were designed in Photoshop while the text and logos were done in Illustrator.  This helped keep the art looking crisp with “crazy bright colors.”  Another element that made a big difference in creating the HD look was using an actual photograph for the water.  The high resolution photo of water was edited and tweaked to create the best look rather than creating a digital print of water.

Overall, the whole thing has a sort of ’60s beach look, especially because the fonts are a modern take on a retro feel.  Maybe we’ll call this the Elvis-in-Hawaii-look?…Beach Blanket Boardroom?…We’ll think of something.  

According to the folks at 12-Point SignWorks, this project didn’t take very long at all.  It took a day and a half to manufacture the graphics using Avery 1005 EZRS with Avery 1060 DOL Gloss laminate.  An additional day and a half was needed to prep the vehicle and install the vehicle wrap itself.  All in all, the whole project only took one week from design to completion!

Nice work from 12-Point SignWorks in Franklin, TN USA!  To see more examples of their car and fleet work click here.