Bluemedia Goes Global!

Bluemedia Goes Global

Bluemedia Goes Global

Although headquartered in Tempe, AZ, bluemedia’s reach truly spans the globe. When IO was faced with a vital signage project that needed to be completed for their new data center in Singapore, they turned to bluemedia. Outfitting a facility for its Grand Opening half way across the globe was no small undertaking. Project highlights included wall murals, print and cut decals, over-sized museum mounts, as well a bevy of dimensional acrylic.

When working globally, it is absolutely crucial that you “think globally”. Language barriers, time zones, on-site management, and localized logistics are just a few of the many variables that have to be accounted for. With a little help from our trusted friends at 3M, bluemedia’s Strategic Accounts Team, led by R.J. Orr, Jason Allard, and Shane Furey, successfully pulled off a project that required pinpoint precision and flawless execution on all fronts.

For a company such as IO with locations all across the globe, maintaining globally consistent graphics from location to location is absolutely crucial in maintaining the integrity of their brand’s image. Ultimately, bluemedia found a way to deliver on that promise by doing all that was necessary in order to execute the production and installation of signage both companies could be proud of.

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