3 FREE “Wrapping in Place” videos from Justin Pate and The Wrap Institute

As the global economy continues to suffer under our current pandemic conditions the wrap industry is seeing some tough times.  What is amazing, and honestly wonderful to behold, are the various organizations and individuals who are stepping up.  First and foremost on their mind is “How can I help out?”, “What information do I have that may help another struggling wrapper?”, “What tools or film do I have that could help my competitor across town?” or simply taking some time to call, text or email in order to offer some encouraging words.

Just to name a few, we have seen John Duever with “Vinyl Images” regularly take the time to make inspiring videos and spend valuable time chatting with folks online in order to help.  Our very own multi-published author Dan Antonelli with “KickCharge Creative” has been kicking in with design tips, useful marketing strategies and COVID-19 resources.  World respected wrap trainer Justin Pate has been creating his very own “Wrapping in Place” series for free as he spends his time figuring out ways to continue his own personal mission of “Never Stop Learning”

So, if you are looking for a little inspiration or a little tip to keep those wrapping juices flowing here you go.  Courtesy of TWI you can enjoy a little fun practice for your downtime.

TWI – Wrapping in Place: Part 1 (Coffee Cup)

TWI – Wrapping in Place: Part 2 (Laptop)

TWI – Wrapping in Place: Part 3 (Coffee Maker)

Should you choose to take advantage of the amazing training resources at TWI please feel free to use our coupon code “WRAPPER20MAPPER” for a nice discount.