Wraps VIP 2018… party by the sea

Can you really ask for a better combination than a wrap industry party, for wrappers, put on by wrappers, supported by wrappers… looking over the ocean?  For the third year the Wraps VIP party went off without a hitch thanks to the mighty efforts of Dan Nava, Chrissy Ross Walthour, the IBOW team, a healthy dose of willing volunteers and, of course, the top notch sponsors who made it all possible.

IBOW and DUB IR played host to the event that was the highlight of the week with a huge thank you to the “Big Kahuna” sponsors Orafol, Avery Dennison and 3M who generously supported the festivities while simultaneously going above and beyond with prizes and spirit!

The Wraps VIP event began as the brainchild of Dan Nava as a natural supplement for the 2016 WRAPSCON in Indianapolis, IN USA.  An industry veteran and wrap industry advocate, Dan, reached out to Tim Evans of WrapperMapper and pitched the idea of a fun, after-hours, wrap party specifically designed to let everyone just let loose.  Combined with the WrapperMapper “all are welcome” ethos we had a winner right out of the gate.

Each year the Wraps VIP event has changed to a new cool location.  From a cowboy bar in Indy, to a yacht cruising the Long Beach Harbor to this year’s ocean-side venue… really a spectacular time.

This year also saw the introduction of the 5 minute model-car speed wrap contest.  A super exciting and fun event where each of our volunteer competitors had 5 minutes, to create a cool design on a die-cast car.  Try doing that in front of a screaming crowd!  The final result was a lot of laughs, a lot of interesting designs and the top three awards going to Jim Miller (Miller Decals), Steve Carney (Carbon Wraps) and Kalee Conner (Who Did That !?!).

As an added treat we had Jeff Gregorio, host of the All Wrapped Up podcast, doing interviews with all sorts of our distinguished guests.

All-in-all, the Wraps VIP 2018 party was yet again another knock-out success!!!