Wrap Industry Podcast Feature: The Wrap Pod

The Wrap Pod with Simon Polakof

It goes without saying that I absolutely LOVE seeing the wrap industry continue to grow!  We certainly saw 2017 as an awesome year but it looks like 2018 will continue that trend with several upcoming wrap business based videos, training, features and podcasts!

The first podcast to feature this year will be The Wrap Pod.  The Wrap Pod is the brain child of Sweden based Simon Polakof who debuted his program at the end of 2017 as he posted an excellent interview with global powerhouse and trainer Justin Pate of The Wrap Institute fame.  Simon and Justin had a thought provoking conversation ranging over various subjects from wrap history, wrap technique, behind the scene realities of shooting videos and even tips on wrap competition success.

I spoke with Simon about his new program and asked about his story in the wrap industry.  Here is Simon’s story in his own words…

I started my career in the graphics industry in 1995 helping dad in his one-man sign shop in Sweden mostly doing signs and window graphics part-time.  The opportunity to attend college, work doing part-time sales and managing a pizza shop pulled me away from the sign industry for several years, however, I returned to the sign industry in 2007 when the offer to take over my father’s shop was presented.  While it was important to keep the name CITYSIGN I proceeded to reinvent the entire business from the ground up.

As so many sign shop owners do, I spent several years wearing all of the hats from sales to design, production and application.  In 2011 I started to have more focus on vehicle decoration which lead to wraps and ultimately resulted in a large portion of our sales moving solidly into the fleet graphics side with new customers and larger jobs.  CITYSIGN continued to grow from the one-man shop to 2, then 4 and up until we are now currently at 11 associates working hard together.

I believe our secret to success began with being hungry, being dedicated and persistent in our choice to focus solely on wraps.  Today CITYSIGN delivers wraps all over Sweden and well as Coppenhagen (Denmark) with our team focus being awesome design, great customer service and and top-notch wraps for our “super-combo”. 

The podcast itself is my way of giving back to the industry.  I love the wrapping business and want it have a prosperous future.  I believe we need to continue raising the bar and, by putting out interesting interviews, I hope to be a helping hand in that goal.

A little sneak peek for those listening in… Upcoming guests include: Nick Caminiti (Exotic Graphix – Australia), Scott Kepple (Skepple -USA), Jonas Sjöström (BS dekor – winner of the World Wrap Master 2017 – Sweden)

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